Various concerns

I am developing a bad habit of changing the dialogues in the last minute before the update. Really bad habit. But sometime it’s very hard to convey all those little details that make the story believable. I hope this page is readable and you can enjoy Robert’s silly ideas. Those two are really too tired to make any serious plans right now. And I hope you can see Ada’s anxiety pilling up from a certain point. Can you guess what’s on her mind? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

There are no other special news apart from vote incentive being updated and some new readers joining in. Welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy the atmosphere here! Last week was full of comments and I enjoyed your various discussions very much, nothing makes me happier than people coming back here not only for a new page but also for the pleasant chat and company of other readers.

And by the way – Vicky was very surprised and happy about all the birthday wishes, unfortunately she isn’t brave enough to write a comment here. A little bit of shyness is what makes little sisters cute, right? I can only pass her gratitude to those who submitted their best wishes. Thank you! \(-ㅂ-)/  ♥ ♥ ♥

The best thing on that page is that tree on the first panel. I’m kind of proud (ノ・∀・)ノ

43 comments on “Various concerns”

  1. Lukkai Reply

    That is a nice tree!

    And yeah, Ada seems a bit down. As if something was weighing on her mind and maybe even conscience. Whatever could that be? 😉

      • Refugnic Reply

        Gute Frage, nächste Frage. 😛

        Okay, enough joking around with ‘foreign languages’, Ada really looks beat down in that last panel. This of course begs the question what it is that’s getting her so down.
        Of course there’s the option that the little fact that their little home has been destroyed once again is finally starting to sink in, but for some reason I don’t think that’s it.

        • Lukkai Reply

          Hätten wir doch nur einen Hinweis…. (Hey, mjkj! 😉 )

          I do wonder whether it’s just her messing around and her assuming that she might be responsible for the sudden attack. (As if that wasn’t enough anyway.) Or if there’s more.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Who knows, maybe she likes it that way?

        I mean, why else would all those wannabes go about scheming and plotting and what not, if they didn’t enjoy the backlash when everything goes south on them? 😉

  2. Zero Reply

    I feel like Ada wants to tell Robert something, but her persona is keeping her from doing so.

      • JW Reply

        I think it has more to do with her magic diary and the fact she’s apparently keeping it a secret from Robert.

    • Refugnic Reply

      She did try her hand at witchcraft the other day. With a, so far, unknown effect, though it really seems likely that she might have summoned the demons to the camp with her spell, albeit by accident.

      So we now know where Robert got the swords from. That is a…surprisingly ordinary explanation. Though I do wonder, where in Japan are they selling magic, demon-slaying swords these days? :XD:

      • NotImportant Reply

        And where do you think? Obviously a flea market!
        I would really like to draw a separate, special story about their trip to Japan but damn, it’s sometimes hard to find time for the regular pages… But maybe sometime in the future? I will cling to this hope.

        • Refugnic Reply

          Hah, I’d love to see that market. 😀
          In fact, this reminds me of both the myth about the monkey’s paw as well as the comedy ‘Dracula – Dead and loving it’, more precisely the scene fairly close to the beginning, where the gypsy insists on Renfield taking the Crucifix (lots of good did that thing did him. :D)

          Well, while I’m very sure that everyone of us would appreciate to see this little side story, we wouldn’t want to pressure you into making it. You’re doing a great job as it is. If I may make a suggestion however, why not make it as ‘regular pages’? We’ve already had an arc focusing on the cabin where the two of them practiced swordsplay, another arc featuring said trip wouldn’t disturb the general flow of the story one bit. At least that’s what I think.

          Heh…well, I guess that this proves that the story is set in AU-Earth after all. Or does this fantasy world of yours just happen to have a ‘Japan’ of its own? 😉

          • NotImportant

            If I constantly draw recollections we will never move forward with the main plot so I’d rather avoid it… I will show bits and pieces though, for example why they went there in the first place, but trip itself will be something separate I suppose. Knowing me I’ll probably do it at some point, but that point might be very far in the future haha.

            And yes, original was set in AU-Earth and it stayed that way. Ears and tails are just cuteness enhancement and a mean to show emotions more clearly, they don’t play any part in the story. There is so much you can tell from hanging ears..!

          • Refugnic

            Well, nothing wrong with that. Though I do wonder what went different in terms of evolution that made these hybrids happen. Also it makes me wonder, how procreation works. Are only those of similar animal families (i.e. Robert and Ada both being part of the family of canines) compatible or do they share enough base DNA that basically anything goes? As a RL example I’d like to take a native African (black skin) and a native European (white skin). They can have kids, no problem, though the child will usually tend to have the skin pigmentation of one of the parents instead of ending up ‘brown’.

            If I were to bet, my money would be on the ‘anything goes’ concept though. This way, evolution would have adapted the different animal traits as different branches or races from the same basic genetic setup to basically copy some of the successful sensory concepts available in nature as it were. And, since all of them Demis are descendants of the same (set of) creatures, they are of the same species and as such genetically compatible.

            The other approach would suggest, that multiple animal species simultaneously evolved towards a human form, retaining some of their traits. This would make breeding across species difficult if not even impossible, because of the vastly different genetic makeups. It would take heavy mutation or complete dominance of one genetic profile to make children happen. Doesn’t mean that those guys couldn’t fool around with each other though.

            I know I’m terribly overthinking things here, but it’s still fun to mull over stuff like that every now and then. 🙂
            And yes, I did read the sentence about ‘cutesy enhancement’. I am aware that you ‘meant nothing by it’. But that won’t stop me from interpreting! 😀

            In fact, that might make for an interesting background story…been a while since I wrote one of those, hasn’t it. 😉

          • Refugnic

            Meh, forgot to respond about the first half of it. You’re right of course, if you put in recollections too often (and too extensively), you’ll…let me put it this way, TwoKinds has been running for over 11 years now and stuff finally started to get serious. ;P

            Anyway, there’s more than one medium you can draw from. You could write a story about their trip to Japan for example, maybe illustrated with one or two pictures. Sure beats a drawing a full arc for it.
            Or you limit said arc or flashback to a happy memory in trying times. When things are glum and terrible and what not, you could have one of the two reminisce about the time they’ve been happiest. A small collage about the trip, nothing too fancy and you’d have told all that needs to be told about the journey.

            That reminds me, where exactly is this happening? My FFs have been set in the US, but it could be anywhere, really.
            Or has this been answered before and I just forgot?

          • NotImportant

            I’d rather not say too much about TwoKinds heh, I’v been reading it since quite a while now and story really IS progressing slowly, relationships grew to be the main focus of the comic. And so be it, but plot suffered and got forgotten in the meantime and for me it got significantly less interesting in the process. I came to dislike main characters because of it as well, which is not a good sign :c

            I really really really want to draw a comics about that trip + some illustrations and then have it printed. And we need to stop talking about it or I will start drawing it instead of doing other things I am supposed to do!

            I never said where it’s happening, “somewhere in Europe” is what I usually think but it doesn’t have any significance so you can imagine whatever you like.

          • Refugnic

            It would seem we agree on that the story is proceeding way too slowly to follow. I know there’s need for Fluff and all, otherwise the story would be over before it really started, but there’s such a thing as an overdose. However it makes for a terrific example for what you’re trying to avoid. It was merely my way of telling you that I agree with you, nothing more, nothing less. 😉

            Heh…I know the feeling all too well and that’s why I’ll shut up now. We wouldn’t want to burden you with more than you’re already burdening yourself with, would we? 😉

            Hmm…for consistency in my FFs I’ll stick to the United States of ‘Damn it all’ then. 😛

          • Refugnic

            Good evening. I’d like to ask you to check your spam folder once again. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Anonymous K Reply

    Well wooden ya know looks like they need to find the answer before it lumbers off. I’m definitely rooting for them though.

    • JW Reply

      Can’t leaf those puns alone, eh.

      Well, if they need to find answers, it might help if that’s a decision tree they’re sitting under. And you never know, maybe it’s dogwood and it’ll bark a warning when new demons appear. I wonder when Ada’ will tell Robert she’s been branching out into magic. But whatever’s the case, they’re definitely not out of the woods yet.

      • Zero Reply

        Such Pun, very Blurg. On a side note, is this the first profile view of Ada? Also, they have no sleeping bags. What happens if they get cold?

        • NotImportant Reply

          Not the first time: REMINDER
          And there are empty tents around them, sleeping bags included, although I know I probably should have said that they will obviously snuggle together for warmth right here on the grass~

          • Refugnic

            You know, if you had said that, people would’ve expected pictures of that, don’t you? So unless you love to torture your readership and/or yourself with stuff like that, sticking to the obvious and logical flow of things is the best choice.

            Besides, Ada would probably rather freeze than stepping to such lows…at least right now that is.

            I have no idea why, but Tsunderes and their partners are so much fun to watch. 😀

          • NotImportant

            Of course I wouldn’t torture my readers! Nope. No way. Never ever~ ๏◡๏

          • Refugnic

            Yeah…sure. You would never do such a terrible thing. I may remind you of it the next time you leave us hanging on a cliff and switch to a completely different setting in form of a flashback. ;P

          • NotImportant

            It’s you who suggested that I don’t like to torture my readers~ I’ve never made such claims (seriously at least) :3

          • Refugnic

            Of course I wouldn’t torture my readers! Nope. No way. Never ever~ ๏◡๏

            *Ahem*, never claimed such a thing? May I remind you that over the internet crossed fingers and tone of voice are not available as medium to convey jest? 😉

            Besides, us storytellers have a knack for being evil. We have to, otherwise our stories would be boring! 😀

          • NotImportant

            Oh come on, obvious sarcasm! And why did I put that emoticon at the end? Just look into those eyes! And that is precisely why I’ve added “(seriously)” to that previous comment~

            And of course – you are oh so very right about writers having a knack for being evil.

          • Refugnic

            Not even I am that dense, don’t worry. 🙂

            Have you forgotten that I am a writer myself? Stringing along the joke and turning it against the one who started is but one of the many tools of my trade. 😉

          • Lukkai

            Though I don’t know whether they want to use a sleeping bag while still covered in blood. I know I wouldn’t want to. At least not with a sleeping bag I intend to keep.
            Although you can open up many sleeping bags to be used as a blanket instead after all. And that would be less of a problem.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Those puns ♡ I cried a little when I was reading them aloud to my friend.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Sorry for spamming, but…is that a bite mark on Ada’s neck in panel 4? Kinda looks like it, though it’s a bit hard to tell.

    I wonder who it might be from…must’ve been fairly recently, otherwise it would’ve faded away by now, but it can’t have been from the demons, otherwise there’d be a gaping wound (and a dead Ada) instead of the traces of a few teeth.

    Ada, what have you been doing while we weren’t looking?! ;P

      • Refugnic Reply

        No honestly, what would you say the markings around Ada’s throat (her left side) are? I mean, you must’ve drawn them for a reason.
        Because I don’t see those being blood splatters or anything. Care to enlighten me?

        • NotImportant Reply

          Being completely honest right now: it’s a random thing, I didn’t notice and didn’t meant for it to be.

          • Refugnic

            And that’s perfectly fine for me. Let’s just chalk it off as ‘a little mishap’. Much like a typo. 🙂

            Thanks for clarifying though, this line of thought might have lead to me questioning my assessment of Ada’s personality. Or at least her relationship status. 😛

  5. Micah Reply

    You never stop impressing me, keep it up! Also, second place at TWC, woo! (now I hope I didn’t jinx anything…)

    • Refugnic Reply

      They’re not even the same subspecies and while I don’t rule out anything here, I peg them more as the ‘childhood friends’ type rather than related by blood.

      • JW Reply

        They may not have the same blood in them, but boy do they ever have the same blood on them. 😛

        • Refugnic Reply

          I guess they should be glad that the demon blood isn’t acidic, otherwise they might be needing a change of skin a lot more than just a change of clothes. 😉

          Regarding the ‘blood in them’…well, I would expect that with the amount of blood spilled, a few particles might well have entered through their nostrils (or even mouths), so in a sense, they do have the same blood in them. 😛

          Other than that, you’re right. 😛

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