Prove me wrong

Singapore was fun! I’m coming back tomorrow so I gotta pack. Enjoy the new page, I’ll write more later (or next week if I’m too busy, I got really behind with drawing).

And I know that the pages are smaller than normal, I’ll fix that once I’m home.


UPDATE: I’ve fixed the two last pages so that they’re as big as usual! Enjoy!

23 comments on “Prove me wrong”

  1. JW Reply

    Hmm, so she likes him enough to give him a stupid kiss, eh. That sounds promising.
    I really wish he hadn’t cut her off though; it sounded like she was about to say why she doesn’t want to date him.

    • antrik Reply

      Ah, but that would be too easy! The esteemed creator prefers to keep teasing us with such false starts, just to throw us right back into confusion 😉

  2. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Rob, you need a quick dash of perspective up alongside your head; gentlemen do not force themselves upon the objects of their affections. That’s calked “rape”, not “love”. Listen to yourself, for a moment, and tell me if you would respond well to such demands coming from, say, Sofia?

    • Alex Reply

      He isn’t forcing himself on her at all. Where did you read that? All he did was continue to explain to her why she has no right to claim that she’s sacrificing herself.

      • antrik Reply

        I agree that he isn’t trying to force himself on her. However, I don’t think we are in a position to take sides right now: we haven’t heard her justification; nor do we know what exactly Robert is up to… It sounds though like he might be issuing some kind of ultimatum — which is never a good idea.

        • antrik Reply

          Meh, this was intended more as a reply to @Howard below… Should have double-checked whether this is actually the comment I had in mind I guess 🙁

    • Alex Reply

      Also, “rape” implies having sex. If he were to forcibly kiss her, then that would be sexual harassment.

      • Howard Reply

        I’m with Alex this has nothing to do with rape, he is just calling her out on all her BS declarations and self sacrificing statements. I am with him on this to I mean you can’t just keep saying these things to the guy without a reason. I mean I can just see the burning question inside him, WHY??

    • Sagelypotato Reply

      … but he’s just refusing to move though? Its just a protest ya’know? Or is free expression not allowed at the end of the world? He’s only asserting his feelings, not forcing them on her. Bottling up your feelings is bad ya’know?

  3. Alex Reply

    In the second last panel I thought “Yes, he is finally picking up that sandwich again!”
    If his absurd test includes him slowly eating the sandwich in front of her while praising how skilled and pretty and cute Sofia is, then I am going to laugh. 😀
    Buuuuut since that would ruin the mood I am not expecting it to happen.

    Btw: If you didn’t have any context two pages ago, then you could totally interpret Ada’s empty eyes as the eyes of a typical Yandere who says she loves him and is about to do something horrible in order to be with him forever. And the “She’s clearly trying to kill me” text box right below her face fits perfectly, too.

    • antrik Reply

      Haha, that would be funny indeed 🙂

      I’m not convinced though that this would be an effective way to prove the supposed lack of love on Ada’s side?…

    • Alex Reply

      Yeah, I wasn’t trying to convince anyone that that was a good idea. Just a comedic way of ruining this scene. 🙂

  4. Mionikoi Camp dweller Reply

    Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss! >^.^<

  5. NoReqchHax_ Reply

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (I was typing at like, 10 CPS)

  6. Archangel Reply

    I actually think he’s on the right track. From what I can tell the lady has some serious cognitive dissonance going on, and it needs to be resolved one way or the other. At this point, I doubt he cares which way it goes–he just wants an answer.

  7. Zero Reply

    Well, I see three possible outcomes.

    1: Ada caves
    2: Ada cries more
    3: demons attack because negative vibes.

    Personally, I’m looking at door #3 with my homemade lightsaber at the ready.

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