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Hey guys! I’m back from vacation and reached Tokyo today after 24 hours of travel! We had an amazing time in Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand but I’m also happy to be back. Here’s the next two pages if you’d like to support me and Replay on Patreon:

Next page:
Next next page:

Yes, I’ve been drawing those while on vacation. Yes, it was very hard to draw instead of playing with the sand and snorkeling but that’s just how much I love you guys~

Also… we got a table for the winter Comiket so we’ll be trying very hard to finish the first route of the Historia VN project to launch it on 31st December! That means I’ve got a ton of drawings to do hahahahah… The list of missing assets is long but my fiance promised to take my part of the cooking and cleaning duty if I want to try to hit so cross your fingers guys, I’ll be trying to do the impossible and actually finish this on time. We’ll see how that goes.

And now let me throw my tired body onto my beloved futon and lose consciousness until tomorrow when I’ll need to figure out what I missed when I wasn’t in the office.

Oh, btw, I’ll be updating the CAST page and changing some relationships. I plan to do that after each chapter! So take a screenshot if you want to keep the old one!

Also, please vote for Replay on TopWebComcs! ; _ ; Incentive has been updated and it’s a sketch of the next page so go ahead and take a peek!

12 comments on “Practice target”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Have nice dreams 🙂

    But honestly, please don’t overwork yourself, ok – I know I say that a lot to you, but I really sometimes feel like your body an soul is missing this “tun off and have some relaxing time” switch 😀

    But I am crossing my fingers the year will end for you amazing 🙂

    Oh, and yeah, a new page with magic in action ^^

    • Alex Reply

      Yeah, I agree. When I hear about your busy travels and your workload in general I get a deja vu from Not A Villain a couple of years back and you can see in her current vote incentive how that turned out (lack of sleep due to chronic pain). Though anyone who does, please vote for Replay, too. 😀 I remember the good times when both of you were at the top, outclassing all that NFSW stuff.
      I don’t know where the BTB author finds the time to update the vote incentive so often. But apropos, here’s an idea:
      How about you create an incentive that’s like those Japanese 4-panel jokes, but you reveal panel after panel only after a certain amount of votes? The BTB guy does something similar by revealing his characters bit by bit, so that’s where I got the idea from. No need for color or even ink. Maybe you can go for a cute chibi style if that’s quicker. It doesn’t have to be comedy gold. The Flipside guy did filler with a lot of jokes that involved throwing bricks that were mediocre at best as well. I’m not trying to give you more work, I’m just trying to think of ways of turning a vote incentive into multiple incentives.

      As for your question on an earlier page regarding drawing videos:
      > do you guys even care for the videos?
      Well, it’s not up MY alley specifically, but I see that some Youtubers are doing that, so I guess it’s fine to do that if the only extra work it requires is hitting the record button, speeding the video up and uploading the video afterwards. I skimmed over the one where Adam grabbed Ada’s “shirt” and what blew my mind was how few frames it took for you to draw the sky. All of a sudden it was all there and I had to backtrack and pay close attention to see when it actually happened. XD

      Btw: Did you name Adam and Ada similarly on purpose?

      • NotImportant Reply

        I think my body is still holding up hahah but I take proper breaks when my arm starts hurting or something. And I move around a lot so everything should be fine for at least a decade more hahaha

        Thanks for the ideas about the incentives! I think the mini-comics worked great for the incentives but for now I don’t have the time to finish the First Steps story, maybe after the Comiket and Historia’s first launch. We’ll see! For now Replay’s at your mercy haha

      • Alex Reply

        You’re welcome. 🙂
        Good to hear about the breaks, I wish you good health in the future! And that means more than a decade.

  2. Mirana Reply

    I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the page where Rob used his magical powers by accident. keep going it’s amazing work! love all of it!

  3. Regis Earsquake Reply

    I see, Robert is on the cutting edge of magical woodformig.

    With his magical fingers he makes all of them fall for him.

    OK, that’s all the stupid puns that demanded to be written down.

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    This looks like the dark side of the force! Still needs must in desperate times!

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