Permission granted

I like this page because it shows a lot about Nina and Filip’s characters and attitudes in the relationship. And what exactly is going on in Filip’s mind? Well, only camp’s Privates and Corporals know (and me, obviously). And I’ve updated the vote incentive with the next episode of First Steps mini-comic! I hope I’ll manage to add more episodes in the nearest days.

What else. I got back from Poland on Thursday and there was a lot of formalities and paperwork since then, all related to my new, shiny, 5-years-long working visa and the job I start next week. I’m both terrified and excited and thinking about moving out to live closer to the office to minimize transfers and give me more free time at home (instead of in train). And my boyfr- sorry, fiance, finished talks with two companies and they are both interested in hiring him so if they can agree on something regarding the finances we’re all set and ready to rock! Also: double jet-lag is quite real, my brain is confused and wants to sleep in totally random hours (neither Polish nor Japanese).

About Corporal pledges: they got sold within hours after I posted the note, thanks for being so interested! xD I’ll most likely open new slots next month, depending on how busy and stressful my first weeks in the Amazon’s office will be. Thanks for being so interested in those avatars! I got some really fun characters to draw, it’s a pleasure (‘∀’●)♡

Also! Please enjoy NiWo21k’s Replay reading session!!! I need to admit that hearing your own writing read out loud is very embarrassing! ๏◡๏ And check out his other videos, I especially like his comic introduction series, they are very passionate and always make me want to start reading yet another series haha~

Thank you for the votes guys, I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s page and the extra strips in vote incentives. See you next week and stay safe while nature and people with dangerous new toys try to kill us all~!

28 comments on “Permission granted”

  1. Doom Reply

    Silly Filip. He belongs to Nina, no leaving before she’s ready for him to leave!

    Yay for First Steps page 31! Young Ada is so adorable and fierce on that page.

  2. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Well, I can think of much worse ways to be sent out for a morning walk. ;-p

    Glad that you’re back safe, NI, and it’s good news about your fiance’s job search. I wish I had some good advice for how to deal with the jet lag, but all that has ever worked for me is just getting re-acclimated to my normal sleep schedule over about two weeks — or longer, the older I get. It’ll sort itself out, so don’t let it be a source of stress. Try to avoid naps during the day, and, if you’re having a sleepless night, still try to get up at your normal time and go to bed when you normally would; I’ve found that helps get me back on track quicker, even if I do have a few zombie-like days in the process.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you for the advice! I’ve been to Japan several times over the last few days so I’m pretty used to dealing with jet-lags. This time is worse since I’ve been in Poland only for a week before coming back again – I didn’t manage to fully switch before I didn’t have to switch anymore haha~ But I’ve been doing what you said, just sleep normally, struggle through, avoid naps. Melatonin helps if the sleeping schedule is whacked beyond repair but I didn’t have trouble falling asleep this time, too tired!

  3. NiWo21k Reply

    At least its a send off that everyone can agree on XD

    And looks like everything is going well for you – good to hear 🙂
    And i wouldnt worry to much about your jetlag problem, your body is just saying “if you cant decide then i will do it for you” 😛 – nah it will go away before you start your job, you will see – and good luck for you first work day 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nina’s a treasure ♡

      Thanks, I hope I’ll survive haha~ I’m still fighting with the initial paperwork and the surprise decision of moving to another apartment but other than that all is well. Jet-lag is slowly fading as well, I think. The best part is that it’s actually easier to wake up earlier than later.

  4. xthorgoldx Reply

    My job is to do intelligence analysis on North Korea, their missile program in particular.

    In unrelated news, I’ve been drinking heavily.

    • TheMelonLord Reply

      yeah, I was for 4 month in Japan and gladly returned to europe before they started lounching rockets over Japan. I’m glad that I am out of missal range. Even though Japan is (mostly) great^^

    • David Reply

      I don’t think much risk… North Korea knows if they nuke someone else then they all die. They also notice that Libya gave up their WMD and got invaded after, and the former dear leader of Libya killed along with most of his family.

      So I think they are aiming for trying to avoid being ever invaded and leaders killed, and think no one will do it if they think risk to 10 million of own people.

      IMO the scary part is with DNA manipulation, research into fusion reactors, etc… in future will be lots more countries and groups that can kill 10 million people with push of a button.

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        Well, here’s the thing – that’s a rational analysis of the situation. There’s two issues with believing nK won’t use their nukes: First, there’s a lot of indicators that they are not rational actors, thanks to the generations of self-indoctrination. Second, they’re caught between being destroyed if they use their nukes, and being destroyed if they don’t use their nukes; KJU’s regime is, despite its power as a cult of personality, extremely unstable, and reliant on a variety of factors to maintain internal power, primary among them is maintenance of a veneer of military might. If the regime is perceived as “going soft,” it’d be a death sentence.

        As it stands, they’re holding on right now by merit of holding the populations of Seoul and Tokyo hostage, but the rest of the world is finally catching on insomuch that “Okay, it’s only gonna get worse for us.” They’ve backed the rest of the world into a corner, and everyone – including them – is aware of it.

        But CRISPR? Fusion reactors? No offense, but that feels like technophobia – fusion is completely harmless, and contrary to scifi scenarios genetic modification isn’t remotely close to being a “WMD.”

      • JW Reply

        Maybe the regime should just flee while they still can?
        I mean, if they nuke someone, that’s certain death, if they appear soft (and don’t get out) that’s certain death. But if they get in a plane now and head for China or Russia, they might not get shot out of the sky before they land.
        (Yeah, yeah, I’m assuming rationality again. 😛 )

        Man, as soon as Musk offers a trip to mars, I’m going there. Leave all the earth drama behind. 😉

  5. JW Reply

    Let’s talk about it, baby
    Let’s talk about you and me
    Let’s talk about all the good things
    And the bad things that may be
    Let’s talk about

      • JW Reply

        Who wouldn’t?!?

        Aeneas, maybe? Though, perhaps he did want to go back/stay, but just wanted to fulfill his destiny more.
        Likewise I’m sure Filip is about to embark on some sort of quest of utmost importance, that generations to come will sings songs about. Maybe.. (not)

  6. Micah Reply

    This page is too damn cute! Also, good on you for getting work all sorted out, I know it can be a mess and is murder for nerves

  7. NiWo21k Reply

    Hope your move went without a hitch 🙂

    And thanks again for posting my reading of Replay – its fun to do, and i wouldnt think to much about how you have written it – its not that bad – it was a lot of fun to read the swearing of Robert in the second part XD

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