On his mind

In case you were wondering if he maybe gave up on Ada lol

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How are you guys doing? I’m just waiting for this year to end… I’m frantically drawing assets for Historia so it’s just work/drawing/sleeping for me lately. But the good news is that I’m done with backgrounds and CGs and now I only need to add a couple of sprites and we’ll be more or less ready… I think… Well, keep your fingers crossed just in case!

I hope you’re still enjoying Replay. We’ll leave Julia and Rob soon, next page is the last one with them. Patrons can already enjoy some annoyed Ada~

9 comments on “On his mind”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Robert has the right so also shine for a little while 😉
    But it might come back at some point – and I secretly hope Julia might the one who will hammer it in these two, that they are nothing without each other…

    And finger crossing, as always for all your projects – even if I still have no clue how you are able to get through all of this o.O

    Oh… did there happened to sneak a small error into your first speech bubble – yeah I am one to talk about this after my stories are unreadable because of uncountable errors XD

  2. Refugnic Reply

    It would appear that life is putting a little bit of extra strain on you as of late.
    If that was not so, I’m sure you would’ve spotted the missing ‘a’ in ‘glad’ (Roberts first text bubble) and maybe even the missing n of ‘frantically’ or the missing ‘g’ of ‘gave up’, in your authors commentary.

    Please do not overexert yourself, you hear?
    And don’t worry, the year will be over soon enough. 🙂
    Though I’ve come to believe, that the new year will start just the same way the old year has ended.

    For some that may be a good thing.
    Are you among these people? 😉

    As for the actual comic…that’s a rather interesting way to test the waters there…to see, if there’s any jealousy coming from Ada…however, even if there was, it may well be, that it’s not Julia she’s jealous about (because she’s hogging Robert), but of Robert, cause he’s hogging Julia.

    She can find a boyfriend pretty much any time she wants.
    Well, it got a little harder by now, but still.
    But a magic teacher?
    Now that’s something you don’t come across every day.

    Keep up the good work, and, as I said before: Please don’t overexert yourself. 🙂

  3. Alex Reply

    I’m doing fine. Christmas is so relaxing, don’t you think? 😉 Just one more week and then it’s two weeks of holidays, where I’ll do nothing.

    Looks like I don’t need to point out any of the spelling errors I found.

    Btw: Didn’t you work for Katawa Shojo at some point? I kinda missed the point in time when the game name changed to Historia. Is your work for KS done?

    • NotImportant Reply

      No Christmas for me this year… Japan doesn’t have holidays for this time of the year, we’re both working with my fiance, I’m busy drawing for Historia project – can’t be helped. We’ll have a week-long break for new years though, definitely looking forward to that 🙂

      So I’m working on Historia with people who made Katawa Shoujo 😉 Katawa Shoujo itself is a closed project, at least as far as I know. So I never did anything for KS and the new project has always been Historia.

      • Alex Reply

        Ohhhhh, it’s the same group. Yeah, that explains why I misremembered what you wrote about working on a project with them. Is it a paid position or a “get a share of the revenue” thing or is that project as free as KS?

        I hope you can enjoy your break. Do people in Japan still usually have only the Golden Week? It’s so weird that we live in such a modern society where it should be possible for everyone to get enough food, medicine, clothes and a place to live, but the laws of economy dictate that people still have to work harder and harder or else they’ll lose to people who do that. That’s the power of colored paper with numbers on.

  4. Dragon Master Reply

    So Rob’s a Wizard now, doing his best to comfort the lady in distress who has guilt issues all while being conscious of Ada and missing her. That’s a good way to check the waters though, by indirectly asking about Ada’s emotional state.

  5. Andy Reply

    1st Comment – greetings all!

    Now: I am assuming that Rob’s ears and tail are drawn on a canine model (Dog? Wolf?)? I am going with Dog for the moment.

    If so, am I then correct that Rob’s ears have been providing a commentary on the plot (or even a subplot of their own), since about half/three quarters of the way through Chapter 1? Again, if I am correct, then the tale told in II – 73 and II – 83 is particularly interesting… I may be way off of the mark and reading too much into this rather comprehensive and engaging art.

    It is a shame that the medium only gives us occasional glimpses of Rob’s tail and can tell us nothing of the way that it is moving – that would be very interesting indeed. This, however, is not possible, and in no way detracts from the impact of the comic.

    As an aside, and definitely not a criticism, the particularly “mobile” notch/notches in Casper’s right ear have always caused me great amusement – it’s great fun to search for them every time we see him!

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