As pointed out in the comments, for those who voted it was fairly obvious who’ll win, sorry for unintentionally spoiling the fun! I also realized that it will be a while before they will fight against each other again. There will be too many other things to fight.

And as you can see style changed a bit again – I hope that’s the final one. Sorry for the mess, I’m still learning how to handle manga-like things.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a draft of new chapter’s cover set up as vote incentive. Your support is always appreciated! Cover is already done and I hope to improve art quality when new chapter starts. Cross your fingers!


18 comments on “Meow”

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yup, and eyes are different compared to the last page. Part of some style/design changes.

  1. ChuckTheProphet Reply

    I love Ada in that last panel. If she wasn’t overlapping two other panels, I’d crop her out and make her my profile pic on ALL OF THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM.

  2. Unconcerned Reply

    Ada is slowly progressing to Fennec foxgirl status which is fine by me XD

  3. mjkj Reply


    Ada won… Ah, and the first panel is that vote incentive…

    …and Ada is just so pretty… <3

  4. antrik Reply

    Apparently this is where you started drawing Ada’s eyelashes differently… So no more touch-ups I guess? Or are you still at it?…

    • NotImportant Reply

      Still at it but since that page doesn’t look that terrible I’ll probably leave it as it is. I only fixed the ones that were in a completely different style.

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