Left alone

I feel like I’m breaking this for you with those descriptions, maybe I should have kept quiet for this scene… Well, too late now. I can only hope you get to feel something while reading despite me talking about random things under the pages.

Somehow, I am still extremely disorganized, sleepy, grumpy and blah. Maybe I just want the spring to come already~ In my grumpy slumber I finished watching ReLife and I have to say it was really enjoyable! Funny things were funny and I loved how they showed how relationship/emotional problems, even very simple ones, are not always easy to solve and that people need time to change. Good show, would watch another season with pleasure.

From weirder things – I went to Mt. Takao yesterday to watch monks walking on the burning coals. That was quite a show! I’ll probably post some photos on my Instagram but we were watching from quite a distance so they aren’t very spectacular. Here’s some general info about the festival: Hiwatarimatsuri. The best part (for me) was when about 20 monks played on huge seashell horns. Japanese conch can play more than one tone and in that small village surrounded by mountains… it was pretty haunting.

Well, see you guys next week!

27 comments on “Left alone”

  1. SKy Reply

    Nonono! You never, NEVER, fuck with magic artifacts! At best you lose out on some very handy aspects or something for your local mage to work with; at worst you get a mean curse or start some kind of demon apocalypse…
    Oh wait…

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…a charm protecting him from the demons, huh?

    Yeah, being the only one left is pretty much the worst thing that can happen…which is also why I personally consider immortality more of a curse than a blessing.
    Imagine staying young, while everyone around you grows old, withers away and dies…you’d have to be emotionally dead to withstand that for more than a few cycles.

    Sometimes, staying alive is a fate worse than death itself.

    But good thing, that Stefen isn’t the only survivor, thanks to our little witch in training.
    Hopefully he’ll find her and her entourage before the next bad thing finds him.

    • Senjiu Reply

      I disaggree. I believe that immortality (save for murder / accidents) is achievable through technology. Not necessarily in your own body, might have to migrate your consciousness into a computer at some point, but in my opinion that’d still be me. I don’t define myself as my body, I am the mind that’s inside of it.

      And given immortality, even if I were left alone, I think with enough time I could at some point create an AI worth talking to. Or find intelligent life on another planet. I don’t think I’d be alone forever.
      In any case, I wouldn’t want death to be victorious.

      • JW Reply

        Eventually, though, with the heat-death of the universe coming, I think it would end up deadly boring. But something would almost certainly kill you before that time.

        One of the things that appeals to me about (almost-)immortality is that you have all the time in the world to learn and do everything you want, and you’ll outlive any mistakes you might ever make. I have limited time, so I have to choose to do one thing or another, but if I lived forever, I could do both; eventually. (Except for time-limited opportunities like visiting Tuvalu before it disappears from the map.)

    • SotiCoto Reply

      Meh. Who gives a toss if a bunch of nude-facers survive? They’re all disposable anyway. The important thing is to bring Renate back.

  3. anonymous Reply

    Let me guess: Sofia will pick it up, right?

    > Name: Sofia
    > Weapon of choice: Pretending to be invisible

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    *Loots soon to be thrown necklace
    *Gives it to Robert to give to Ada as a gift.

    • JW Reply

      I’m not sure that’s a really good idea. Ada’s already insecure enough when Robert’s not paying enough attention to her, and this medallion would make her practically invisible to him (as well as everyone else).

  5. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Ooh, the plot thickens… he knows about the two awesome guys who can kill demons with katanas and are currently turning the tide right? Don’t lose hope fella!

  6. NiWo21k Reply

    There was one thing the last pages that always was on my mind – Stefen reminded me at someone, but i couldnt put my finger on it why. After looking through my books today i found out why: He reminded me a little bit at Rintarō Okabe from Steins;Gate. Not a complete copy, but there are some parallels in my eyes.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        If all it takes is a labcoat and an unshaven mug then I look like him too!

        • NiWo21k Reply

          Its the easiest cosplay of all time – but joke aside, Stefan just reminded me in the way he – just my interpretation – at first glance didnt take most of whats happening to serious and mocking in some way people who were in a higher position. Also there is one person he has in one way or another feelings for and when the shit hits the fan he in some way first looses it in some way.

          I dont know how it will continue – ok Stefen has certainly not a timetravelling microwave so that part cant be replicatet – at least not until there are official pictures showing him with one 😀

          • JW

            If ever someone could use a time-traveling microwave, it’d be in the case of a demon-apocalypse.
            Though as I recall, they couldn’t actually change the past. Still, it might be useful to learn something to deal with the present.

          • NiWo21k

            “In Case of Emergency – Break glass here to retrieve the time travelling device to reverse the apocalypse” 😀

            But even if they couldnt really travel back until the end of the story – they jumped between the timelines until there was one – it would help in some way some people or like you said find something to help with this whole mess.

            But at least our heroes here have magic and shotguns 🙂

  7. Acnari Reply

    Just so you know NI, I find your little blurbs underneath each panel one more thing that draws me into this particular web comic, don`t feel like you are “breaking it”!

  8. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Poor Stefen… I hope that’s not his kid, bad enough there is one at all…
    The thing is, there probably not even is a curse, it’s “just” the side effect of not being killed while the others are unprotected.

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