There was an internal fight going on for a moment but Laura ensured the victory of GOOD and JUST.

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I’ll be brief because I’m on a trip and very tired and also want to relax and sleep and drink my tea while listening to the frogs outside on the rice field and… Yeah, it’s nice here in the countryside. Lots of bugs, but nice.

Also, I finished A Magic Steeped in Poison and it felt like the last 20% was a different book and I have no idea why I read the first 80%. I can’t honestly recommend it but if you like Chinese aesthetics with princesses and tea-based magic then it’s maybe interesting. I started Blood Scion but I have no opinion yet. It’s definitely an adult book and there was many triggers even in the first chapter so a big difference compared to the YA ones I read recently. Oh and in Spinning Silver I’m somewhere in the middle and I like it although whenever the author mentions Jews it’s so jarring and kicks me out of the fantasy completely. Not a fan of that aspect.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the page and see you next week! My eyes are barely open already.

5 comments on “Nnn…”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    And off she is, ready to go,
    to face high water and hell.
    Her mind is set, but does she know,
    which path will keep her well?

    Good thing for her, albeit they stir,
    that she’s got friends who care.
    ‘Wake up, you fool! And after her!’
    This morning just ain’t fair.

    So tired, yes, of all this crap,
    why can’t she just stay down?
    Reality hits with a slap,
    and wakes him to a frown.

    A slap, a call, and up he goes,
    to rescue the fair lady.
    Such a handful Laura chose,
    she’s up to something shady.

    But what, my dear, is it you plan,
    and where’d you think you’re going?
    Though I’ll just bet, it’s ’bout that man,
    that guy who keeps you going.

    Why can’t you just stay here, with me?
    …and Laura too, I guess…
    Here we can live, and need not flee,
    are safe from all that mess.

    Here we can wait and thrive and live,
    until these two return.
    Please ask no more than I can give.
    Can’t give for what you yearn.

  2. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I’m curious to see how an unresolved Kasper is going to try and convince a very resoved Sofia to not leave…

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