Guard change

A very long butter knife.

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The chapter is almost over! Damn, that last week was a blur since I wasn’t feeling too well. Which made me write less and read more instead. I finished The Imposters of Aventil and then the next book: A Parliament of Bodies. Both were great! I’m looking forward to the next one in the series. Writing wasn’t completely abandoned though, and I’m past the midpoint with this edit. I managed to cut out some fluff too… Hopefully there will be more to cut haha…

Well, enjoy the page and see you guys next week!

10 comments on “Guard change”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    I guess that makes sense. If I didn’t know the full details and I saw somebody stab a bunch of people with a knife while laughing maniacally, I’d have a hard time accepting “It wasn’t really her fault, she was possessed by a ghost!” as an excuse.

    The elephant in the room is that it might not *matter* if it’s her fault or not. If she’s a danger to others than she can’t stay with the group. In a functioning non-apocalyptic society they might contain her someplace pleasant where she could be kept safe and given whatever treatment is available, but that’s not an option here…

  2. Refugnic Reply

    The counseling’s done, it’s time to leave,
    alas, not done’s the time to grief.
    Say, do you think, she’ll lose control?
    I wouldn’t know, can’t see her soul.

    She’s stronger now, I want to think,
    kept struggling there, fought on the brink,
    even you were once ‘his’ prey.
    She shouldn’t be the one to pay.

    She’s much more solid, than some ghost.
    To blame her is, what they need most.
    An easy target, love to hate,
    much easier than to debate.

    But now there’s something I must do,
    please watch my sister, pay my due.
    She still is anxious, won’t leave me.
    She is just scared, is what I see.

    Watch the entrance, here: My knife,
    Do not fret, it takes no life.
    The only thing it cuts is butter,
    but it stops the people’s mutter.

    Kasper enters, ‘Are you there’?
    ‘I should’ve knocked, but news I bear.’
    I hope you’ll be alright alone.
    Just for a while, you must atone.

    And once the people did forget,
    you can come home, without regret.
    Be strong, be wise and stay alive.
    Find shelter, food…I hope you’ll thrive.

  3. Alex Reply

    Whatever happened to “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”?
    They’re giving the ghost more time to plot and scheme. The prudent thing to do would be to thoroughly analyze her and the ghost, and then cut his ties to this realm so that he can go to hell.

    • HKMaly Reply

      I sorta suspect plotting and scheming are not strong suites of this ghost. If they were, well, he would be hiding before striking.

      • Alex Reply

        Yeah, what he did was really stupid unless he has some ulterior motives as to why he cut a bunch of people without killing them. He could’ve been friendly and ask for help for his predicament (or faked friendliness to further his goals, whatever they may be) and worst case for him they would’ve been like “Sure, we’ll figure something out, but right now we don’t have time and you shouldn’t control Sofia, so you’re getting chained.” and if I had been him I would’ve been like “well, ok, anything’s better than being trapped inside those knives for literal centuries, possibly millennia”.

        I wonder if he was able to see whatever was in range of those knives the whole time or if he was dormant until Sofia touched the blades.

  4. killerog Camp dweller Reply

    Butter good.

    I wonder what they’d do if they found out about Ada?

    • HKMaly Reply

      You are not knocking on the fabric, you knock on the sticks the fabric is on.

    • Crestlinger Reply

      Lol nevermind, brain fart, probably treating all the freshly ventilated. And keeping them from going after her I imagine.

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