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I still don’t know how to draw a conversation without dragging it throughout multiple pages. At least this one is not that long…

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Enjoy the new page, everyone! I’m going to go back to writing since it’s going well xD I’ve got 87k words already revised, woohoo! The end is in sight! It’s time for the grand finale of my novel!

I’m always happy to hear what you guys are reading and thanks for the recommendations! I got a bunch of author recommendations from another source last week, but this list comes from a grimdark writer so you’ve been warned! Here goes: Richard K. Morgan, Joe Abercrombie, Guy Gavriel Kay, Richard Nell. I haven’t decided what I’ll pick up next. I’m almost done with Gideon and definitely won’t read the second volume. I’m seriously disappointed in this book and baffled that Tor published something like that. I understand that the setting feels fresh and “lesbian necromancers in space” sounds great, but the plot is boring, writing is confusing, and the world-building is just… forgotten. People love it though. My tastes are crap.

Anyway, I hope you guys are well and getting vaccinated soon (or have been already). I think I’ll need to wait at least until August… And then it’s supposed to be “first come, first served” so basically a bloodbath. Oh well. At least I don’t need to go to the office.

See you next week and I’m going back to writing! 😀


14 comments on “Don’t think”

  1. JW Reply

    [..] and “lesbian necromancers in space” sounds great, [..]

    Sounds like a setup for a comedy. But maybe that’s because I can’t help but think of the Muppets’ “Pigs in space” whenever something is describe as “X in space”.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s not a comedy at all! Or at least it’s not trying very hard to be a comedy. It’s a typical “mysterious mansion with closed doors and lurking monsters” + some battle royale (because teenagers just love killing each for no reason). Lots of bones, skeletons and dusty carpets but… in space. And swords. Because swords are obviously cooler than guns, even when you have space shuttles. Even their armies use swords. I just… Yeah, I wish the author would at least try to convince me that it makes sense.

      • JW Reply

        I don’t suppose they’re magic swords?

        On the one hand I’m kind of curious, but on the other hand, I really don’t read fast enough to take the chance… And I’ve still got a big pile of books I haven’t started on, anyway.

        Speaking of things I’ll probably never get around to reading. I came across a while ago. It has pretty good ratings on goodreads, and is available for free on its website. I found it when googling “dread empress” (so you can actually find by looking back through my comments when that was.)
        It seems interesting, but also pretty long, so I’m not sure yet whether I’m willing to make the commitment to start reading it. (It’d be easier if it were in print, at least I’d have a sense of the page count, and I could add it to my book pile.)

      • Refugnic Reply

        Blades have never truly gone out of fashion and I can see the appeal of using blades in space, actually.
        Spaceships are terribly brittle things in a terrifyingly lethal environment, where even just a small puncture can have catastrophic consequences.
        So either you have internal shielding, which prevents whatever your guns are shooting from blowing everyone to kingdom come with one misfired shot, special guns which are sometimes both lethal to your enemies but at the same time non-damaging to the outer hull of the spaceship…or you agree that melee weapons are a better choice during boarding.

        Besides, swords can’t jam at a crucial moment or run out of ammo.

        Planetside combat however…yeah well, swords may be a little outdated in that context. 🙂

        The poem will come later, btw.

        • Nighed Reply

          They actually have guns (one is mentioned in one of the locked rooms).

          There is some (iffy) explanation of why they use swords at the end – But I mostly think its because its ‘cool’ and the world building for it is kinda pushed out of the way.

          I enjoyed the book, but waiting for a friends opinion of the second one before I try it.

          • Refugnic

            Well, considering that the development of explosives (and gunpowder) may well be considered a likely prerequisite to developing space flight in the first place, it’d be rather strange if they did NOT have guns at all.

            I merely hypothesized as to why they might be using swords instead of guns during spaceflight.
            Or much rather, how I would have gone about explaining it if I had been hell bent on doing it that way.
            Alternatively, it could well have been a cultural thing…cultural customs often override practicality.

            Whether the original author even thought about any of these problems, I obviously cannot say. 🙂

          • JW

            Alternatively, it could well have been a cultural thing…cultural customs often override practicality.

            Not often in the arena of war, I think. Such cultures tend to die out rather quickly for some reason 😛

  2. Doom Reply

    I can’t fault Filip for continuing to care about Nina. I can and do fault Filip for breaking her heart. Also, just because Filip still cares about her does not make her obligated to continue associating with him.

    Second panel Nina: So sad! So cute! Want to hug and protect!

  3. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I’m not sure that’s why Filip finished things is it? That’s probably just your inner self-doubt talking Nina. I hope he can adequately explain things on the next page and start to build some bridges.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Are you sure you are okay?
    Need anything from me?
    No! Get lost, just go away!
    Leave! Just leave me be.

    You just don’t love me any more!
    I got the point, now scram!
    Nina, look, I’m on the floor.
    Please talk to me, madame.

    I feel like I could strangle you!
    That’s fair, don’t kick me though.
    Did you not say that we are through?!
    Yeah, to make the magic flow!

    ‘The magic’, right, with bright red hair!
    Then why not bother her?!
    Please, dear Nina, that’s not fair.
    It’s you whom I prefer.

    Then why break up, if that were true?!
    Why tear my heart apart?!
    Rest assured, it’s me, not you.
    Still wonder if it’s smart.

    But you see, I had to go!
    To keep you safe from harm!
    Yeah sure, to ‘make your magic flow’.
    So how’s it work, your charm?!

    Now go and try to woe that girl!
    Guess what?! See if I care!
    This isn’t about Ada, Pearl.
    Your scorn I cannot bear.

    Wait what? You think it’s cause of Ada?
    When you’re the world to me?
    I ask you, think about the data.
    You’re wrong, could never be.

    Now listen girl, I messed up bad.
    And failed to tell you ‘why’.
    Can’t be with you, that makes me sad,
    your suff’ring makes me cry.

    But you see, my reasons are,
    and please don’t laugh at me.
    to work magic, sex must be far.
    Thus together we can’t be.

    I did not leave cause I don’t care.
    Or hunt a different game.
    For working magic, I prepare.
    For this I take the blame.

    So please forgive me, don’t be sad,
    still love you all the same.
    But to protect you from the bad,
    I need a virgin’s flame.

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Further irony if because he Did do so he ends up saving everyone by virtue of being the only one there who can use some of the more advanced rituals correctly.

  6. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Well… we did tell Filip that he should’ve explained or at least tried.

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