Keeping quiet

Some things couldn’t have been said with an audience. And yes, he’s finally cleaning the swords!

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Sorry, there’ll be no big note as my wrist hurts (I think I overdone drawing this weekend oopsie) and I’m trying to rest it. Both keyboard and mouse hurt as well, sadly. This is all because I’m so eager to work on Historia xD

Enjoy the page and please vote for Replay on TWC if you can! I think I’m going to restart the mini-comic next week and post the updates as vote incentives twice a week. If you haven’t seen all of it (since it’s only posted on Patreon) then you’ll have a chance to do so!

Anyway, more news next week. For now – enjoy the high school version of Ada and I shall rest my tired hand.

17 comments on “Keeping quiet”

  1. JW Reply

    Now, let’s hope the red desert wasn’t the future if they had taken Julia.
    It’s always dangerous to presume that seeing yourself in the future means you’ll live to experience it. Besides, what’s the use of seeing th future if you can’t change it.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    A secret kept, from friends held dear,
    ‘them please hold close, but your enemies near!’
    Suspicion rising of a motive uncouth,
    ‘Do you like her? Is that the truth?’

    ‘Yet worry you shan’t, don’t worry ’bout me!’
    ‘…and best you forget, what we shared at the tree.’
    We have once seen the future, as bleak as they come,
    yet we were alive, so please don’t be glum.

    The bleeding has stopped, a brief rest, then move on.
    Our mission awaits, should be done till next dawn.
    Just in and back out, as easy as that.
    And then, if you want, we can still have this chat.

    And speak of the future, as bleak and so dreary.
    And see how it makes them, all cautious and wary.
    But maybe you’re right, yes, maybe she’ll know.
    And maybe she’ll lead us, tell us where to go.

  3. I don't need sleep, i need MOAR Reply

    It’s 02:51 where i am. I’ve read the whole thing today, I REGRET NOTHING. Also i’m surprised that i had to go all the way to the second page of TWC to find this, if there were more pages i’d read ’till i’d lose consciousness due to sleep deprivation

    • NotImportant Reply

      Lol thanks for reading and letting me know that you enjoyed it!! I hope you have good dreams, filled with demons and magic ;D

  4. NoriMori Reply

    “It’ll be fine. We saw the future, we’ll live until the red desert at least.”

    Even if that’s the future, you’re not the only ones who could be affected if you black out at a critical moment… There are other people to think about, too, Ada…

  5. Doom Reply

    That school uniform Ada is super cute!
    Meanwhile, in the main page Ada is making faulty assumptions. She doesn’t know if that’s the true timeline they’re seeing. She doesn’t know if or when they will or have changed the future. She doesn’t even know if Rob wanted more time with Julia!

    • Doom Reply

      School Uniform Ada is an excellent example of why I want a fluffy tail of my own.

  6. Doom Reply

    After today’s Topwebcomics vote, I saw Replay holding spot #92! Much more appropriate spot than the 150-170ish I remember from previous months. Though I do hope we can eventually go back to Replay regularly being in the top 5, since that’s where it belongs.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I hope so too…. It’s slowly climbing and I already saw people visiting from TWC! It’s great, advertising really does change a lot lol

      • Regis Earsquake Reply

        I did see an ad from you at another web comic, so you are more visible. And honestly, the ad was so good I almost klicked it (of course I didn’t, that would be a waste of your money ^^)
        When it comes to drawing style, Replay is better than most webcomics (at least of the ones I saw on TWC. I don’t claim to know all webcomics ^^)

        • NotImportant Reply

          No worries! The ads I use now are paid for time displayed, not for clicks so click away hahah 😀 I’m glad the ad looks nice!

  7. Animufan Reply

    I was brought here by Roosevelt’s and this looks like a very interesting comics

  8. Dragon Master Reply

    Wait, doesn’t the broken glass type panels signify it’s a flashback or something?

  9. Speedy Reply

    I think the last word bubble needs a question mark after “What” instead of a comma.

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