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Do you know such people? That spending time together made you think alike, say same stuff at the same time, react the same way? Well, those two are that way. Too much time together. So different, yet similar in those little things.

We are doing good! Much higher on topwebcomics this month, thanks! But that doesn’t mean you can get lazy now, February has just started so please keep voting! I didn’t have time to start any new drawing since I am pretty much buried under commissions right now, deadlines are approaching, my knees shaking, so the only thing you can see as a vote incentive for now are some process shots of the last illustration.


But I’ve posted first design for Ada’s clothes on facebook fanpage so if you want to check it out and voice you opinion do drop by! I will try to post more sketches because why not, right? I’ve always been bad at designing clothes so I need some practice anyway. [Facebook fanpage]

19 comments on “Harmony”

  1. Marscaleb Reply

    “I had a vision where you murdered everyone and destroyed everything?”
    “Is that so? I had a vision where I was in field of unicorns and puppies and rainbows.”
    “And then I murdered them!”

  2. Micah Reply

    I know the characters are hardly developed yet, but am I the only one that is reminded of Lawrence and Holo from Spice and Wolf by these two?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Not the only one, it was already mentioned but at the time I was designing those characters I had no idea about the manga/anime! It’s a coincidence 😀
      Ada might be a bit like Holo (well I’ve read a bit of manga so I can’t say for sure) but Robert is not really like Lawrence~ And the relationship is VERY different.

  3. Heinouscrimesagainsttheenglishlanguage Reply

    This is awesome, and you’re awesome. Get yourself a cookie or three. More webcomics to try to keep up with, Yay!!

  4. Adriano Reply

    This is so cuuuuuuuuuute >3<

    /me can't hold that cutiness

    /me loves you, NotImportant !

    /me also loves Ada

  5. Ajedi32 Reply

    Yeah, this is *really* reminding me of Spice and Wolf now. The main character is even starting to remind me of Lawrence…

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