UPDATE: This page has been adjusted in 2020! You can still see the old version HERE 😉


Robert is in full regeneration mode right now, sleeping until his wounds are healed. I have a feeling I constantly draw him sleeping in this chapter… Such a lazy guy.

If you have a moment to spare – please vote! We are still on the first page but doesn’t hurt to climb a little higher. You can vote every 24 hours ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I need to say that I am very grateful for your support, I have never expected this comic will have that many loyal followers this quickly~!


And I don’t know if you are interested in such things, but I’ve been to Anime Japan 2015 and made some photos. You can check them out here: It was mainly just very crowded. But also really enjoyable, with all those cosplayers, anime promo videos, fancy goods and colorful displays. Something certainly worth seeing. Next week I plan to go to Comiket in Chiba (no, I am not selling anything haha) but update will be here just like the usual, no worries.

13 comments on “Grumpy”

  1. Sarnak Reply

    You shouldn’t be too surprised at the success, the writing and art are both top notch.
    Loving the comic, still voting at every chance!

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        So, besides the votey, how’s the site’s traffic doing? As one concerned fan to a creator (and also so I can know just how much I can brag over first post).

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha I guess not yet~
          Google Analytics claims 300-100 users each day, 67% of those come from
          I seriously have no idea how to advertise a webcomic so if anyone has any marvelous ideas I’m all ears!

          • JW

            I think probably the best way to advertise a webcomic is to do guest-comics/filler-art for other (more popular) webcomics. That’s how I find a lot of webcomics (other than through topwebcomics).

          • mjkj

            Well, I find comics in three or four ways:
            1. I check people who comment on other comics – when they have a link to their website
            2. I check the banners at comics that link to other comics and look interesting to me
            3. I sometimes I check the starting page of Comicfury or Smackjeeves
            4. I sometimes check TopWebComics list if I see anything interesting (both the comics related to the images shown while voting and the TWC list)

  2. mjkj Reply

    Yeah, interesting story, and great art – and Ada is just so adorable… ^_^’ <3

    Yeah, I also vote often – though it is once every 24 hrs per IP-address and turn around is 6 am GMT/UTC

    I wonder what will be up with this tent…

  3. Lucien Reply

    Is the guy in the foreground of the second panel the antgonist from avatar? The one with the na’vi.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Not really, if you check the cast you should be able to tell who he is~ There’ll be more of him later on too.
      Antagonist from the Avatar… It never crossed my mind! xD

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