First impressions

Time to change the mood and leave our two lovebirds alone for a moment~ We’ll be tagging along with Stefen for a while, I hope the incoming pages will be amusing enough ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

And my beloved readers, did you notice this cute little widget which I have placed on the side? And do you know I have been posting sketches with out girls for the whole week? You didn’t see them? Click and check the gallery on Twitter (or Facebook, I’ve been posting sketches there as well). I hope to get better with anatomy (and faster too) so I’ll continue to produce those, experimenting along the way, hopefully adding something everyday. So if you think you would enjoy some additional art feel free to follow me!

I thought I would have 3 next stickers for you after this weekend but life got upset with me so… yeah.  Stickers are more ‘high quality’ than the sketches I’ve been posting so it’s harder to find time for them. Maybe next week.

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    • Shadowzombie Reply

      I’m…. Not shure how to say this but your husband is …….. Playing fallout 4

      • Refugnic Reply

        Look at it this way, Miss Nina. At least he stayed with us long enough to tell me your name. But you see, it just was inevitable and we really didn’t want him to soil everyone in here, that just wouldn’t have done now, would it?

      • Refugnic Reply

        Not really, actually. He’s using a tactic generally employed by people who want to deliver ‘mildly bad news’, like for example that they got a bad grade. They start out with something really terrible that COULD have happened and all of a sudden, the bad grade doesn’t sound all that terrible any more.

        The same tactic can be found in the ‘want’ department. When asked what you want for your birthday/christmas/anniversary of your choice, one might lead in with a totally unrealistic and way too big wish. Once the other realizes that this would overpower their budget quite a bit, they would ask if there wasn’t something else. That’s the point, when the actual wish would be spoken.

        Though yeah, in this case, it’s just that special kind of humor. 😀

        • Dæmon Reply

          Hey, Refugnic! I was wondering, as.I was ago t to read another of your stories, how do you think a more humorous story featuring Stefan, Nina, and Fillip in situations like this would be, coming from you? I haven’t had much time lately for commenting, so the comments I write can take a few hours, what with life and all. Since that is the case, I have even less time to read your stories, look at fan art, and other things like the gallery come dead last in terms of time. Sadly, that means I have to miss out on good fanfics and I can’t enjoy a new writing style, but I would hope to see a funny story for once, since everything I can think of that’s humorous (and have access to) is either a little too childish for my tastes, or are too mature for me to understand. (I am a literalist, and I don’t understand most jokes, combined with a child-like innocence and the fact that I am told I have a child’s mind but an adult’s intelligence, makes for some funny moments and crazy misunderstandings. That’s not to mention the things I think people say some of the time, and some of the most rediculously funny things I say, like, “I didn’t know they made original flavor!” When my mom, brother and I were buying Wheat Thins.)

          • Refugnic

            Hmm…quite honestly, I don’t know. I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo this year (finished the 50k last Saturday) and wanted it to be light hearted and funny…what I got, pretty much from chapter one outward, was a rather dark Sci-Fi epos, with lots of introspection, doubts and betrayal, all in the name of the greater good, of course.

            So yeah, while there have been a few funny moments, ‘humor’ is not exactly my kinda genre. If you want a somewhat funny story with Stefen, I already wrote one. It’s called ‘Of Guns, Demons and Explosions’, showing off his ‘See if I care that the world is ending’-attitude. 🙂

            The fanfics won’t be running away, they will just pile up 😉

            You call yourself strange, but this world is full of strange people. Some are just better at hiding it than others. 🙂
            Regarding your understanding of jokes…I’m really similar actually. I have been called naive before and, in retrospect, I can’t even really disagree. But if it’s naive to believe in the good of mankind and do everything to make the world even just a tiny bit better, then by all means, I am naive.
            But just like with writing stories, I have started out like this and I will pull through with it until my story ends.

            Heh…and how does ‘Original’ taste? I mean, I knew orange, banana, apple, but original? I wonder how that tastes. 🙂

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Poor Nina. That’s really not the nicest way to wake up.

    But then again, it’s exactly that kinda attitude that makes it in a messed up world like that. 😀

    Why, I remember that one story, where the entire world has fallen into the hands of the undead and one of the few survivors got up from bed in the first chapter and went looking for breakfast, hitting his foot on something. I laughed so hard at his reactions. It was like the world was perfectly fine and that he was just getting ready to go to work, you know? A shame that the story never got finished (or so I believe)

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Also, very nice work on the expression. I especially like Nina’s expression in the bottom left panel. 🙂 (Used the wrong E-Mail again, hopefully it remembers now :P)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! Still learning, they are not always the way I want them but I’m trying~

      • Refugnic Reply

        An artist, that is completely and fully satisfied with his work has been an artist for the longest time.
        Because that one piece would then be ‘perfect’ and no matter how hard he tried, he could not make a better one and everything else would be falling short of that one piece.

        Fortunately, ‘perfection’ tends to be a VERY subjective thing as we’ve established before (objective perfection is about impossible to achieve after all), so after a little bit, that ‘wonderful, radiant, perfect piece’ tends to lose its luster and we can begin outclassing ourselves again 🙂

  3. dog3y3 Reply

    Funny. A little light-hearted humor is always welcome. Great artwork by the way, especially the pretty girls in the side sketches.

  4. AgentNevada Reply

    it’s like house if he were 1% nicer and a Mad Engineer (scientist is a term that society wrongly applies to many mad geniuses)

  5. Dæmon Reply

    Where do I even begin to think about this…? I can’t say if that was cruel or funny, or both. I mean, it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but it was a good way to ease tensions, if it doesn’t backfire as it has for me. Considering they just saw a Hell of an attack, they may just be trying to wind down after that and move on. It wasn’t nice, bit at the same time, she’s probably heard the same line before, so it really would be a relief to hear he’s alive and well. It all just depends on how you look at it. Anything I miss, guys and gals? I could use JW and Refugnic right now, since I don’t really have anyone else I can discuss this with in life. No one I know reads this comic, and no one I talk to, except my parents that is, really like to talk to me about deep topics and philosophy, which I know is odd at my age, but I kinda need the perspectives of others around me to get any sort of wisdom. Anyway, what do you guys think, as anyone who knows about the kind of feelings death brings, and how to let people know, and the other things about this? I’m not sure if what Stefan did is rude and disrespectful, or if it’s supposed to lighten the mood. I mean, it’s relieving the tension, and it’s rude, but which is more important in the current situation? Respect or mood?

    • Refugnic Reply

      I’m sure JW will have his two cents to share on this matter as well as soon as he pops his head from whatever hole he’s currently in, don’t worry. 🙂

      My opinion on Stefen’s actions here is, that it depends on perspective.
      For us, who we are watching, it is funny.
      For Nina on the other hand, it’s mean, because he led her to believe, that something terrible had befallen her boyfriend after she so graciously fainted like a real lady.
      However the shock moment quickly passes, because he tells her the truth right after it. If Filip had gone away for an extended away of time, for example to fetch water or food or whatever, he could have made her believe that Filip was dead and could have tried to give her some personal solace.

      Of course that would have killed his likability ratings right there on the spot, because that wouldn’t just have been ‘not funny’ but plain out insidious. (Nina is a pretty, young woman and even men in Stefen’s age have particular needs they need to see to).

      *Ahem*, be that as it may, I believe Stefen, just like everyone else, is just trying to cope with what happened.
      There are a great number of strategies to achieve that.
      A few include: Crying, Curling up, getting angry and, as displayed in this page, trying to be funny and laugh it off.
      Whatever takes your mind off what just happened serves the purpose of coping.

      So yeah, while it wasn’t nice and the joke was definitely on Nina (who I doubt will appreciate it, but then again, I’m sure Stefen doesn’t appreciate getting mistaken for a monster either), I think it’s understandable that he acted that way.

      And yes, she most likely has heard that line before or at the very least imagined hearing it a few times already since all of that started. And that scares her. It scares her to be left alone.

      Because, as a matter of fact, loneliness is one of the greatest terrors known to mankind.

      Regarding the ‘respectful’…personally, I don’t think he was being ‘rude’ or ‘disrespectful’ actually.
      He just…has a rather peculiar sense of humor, that’s all.
      He didn’t attack her, neither verbally nor physically (now wouldn’t that have been something, eh?), he was polite and helpful.
      Agreed, he could have worded that better, but that would have killed the joke. 🙂

    • JW Reply

      It might be considered gallows humor. And it’s a way to deal with a bad situation. As you say, it relieves tension.
      I don’t really think it’s disrespectful, as such, considering Filip isn’t dead. Now, if he had been dead, and ripped apart by the demons and Nina had said “I can’t Filip anywhere!” and then Stefen had said “Really? That’s odd, ’cause I’m finding him everywhere. I think I’ve got a bit of him on my shoe, even.”, that would’ve been disrespectful.
      I’m not sure Nina is a good audience for this kind of humor though. And considering her and Stefen aren’t really acquainted it seems a bit inappropriate.

      • Dæmon Reply

        Thanks for clarifying that. I have always been told, though, that that sort of humor is inappropriate for any situation, regardless of the circumstances. Given I’m in Utah, though, I think that because this was all religious people saying it, they may have had a much too narrow view to call themselves an expert on what is appropriate forall circumstances, and I might add it was told to me as an absolute, which rarely exist.

        Beyond that, I must say that the view they took was not only narrow minded and religious, but was also biased as all Hell, no pun intended. All right, maybe a little. But anyway, they took a view not only biased and possibly not thought out for themselves, but said it in a manner that a child would be obliged to follow suit in. It was harsh, mean, and fairly rude in the way.they said it, and I have realized repeatedly that the things I am told by these peiple are either lies brought about by NOT looking these things up, but also caused me to question most everything they have ever told me. To go even further, I may have only gone to church as a kid because of the candy, but as a teen, I have seen that religion is often not the best place to get life lessons, as has been proven by how women are thought of in most religions. This is also shown by the things they teach children and then make them preach their entire life, like how in America, a woman is often considered worthless if she is raped, which is just completely messed up to me, and I find it offensive that anyone is that dumb enough to believe that.

        Anyway, the things I am told in these kind of situations,.and most situations in fact, are either false, are an absolute I know isn’t an absolute, or they end up being religion telling us something, that while I admit it _sounds_ reasonable, it has no basis in reality, and the entire premise of their argument is not a lie so much as a misconception brought about by a series of decisions of religious leaders who had no idea what they were talking about, in a much more similar way to our current election leaders are handling things today than I would like there to be. This is why I hate America most of the time, because we pretty much either ignore atrocities, deny them, refuse to take action, or screw everyone else over that isn’t american or corrupt. That’s an overgeneralization for the most part, but it covers our government pairly well in most respects of international my knowledge.

        • Refugnic Reply

          ‘A women is worthless if she got raped’? I don’t know which church you’re going to, but from my education that woman needs help and the perpetrator needs to be apprehended and locked away. I mean, I’ve heard of the infamous ‘She was asking for it, being dressed like that’, but that’s really just a lame excuse.

          Church and religion do teach some decent things, though it really depends on the preacher you’re dealing with.
          The core concept of the Christian belief is, that Jesus Christ died for our sins and reconciled the completely messed up mankind with God, so he would not keep us out of heaven once our time is over. But that’s not all, he also taught us, that we are to respect each other, even more so, love each other, that we are to forgive each other for our faults and generally not hurt each other like we love to do so much.

          I think, that everyone just stuck to those simple rules, the world would be a better place, but as long as everyone is putting their personal gains first, it’s never going to get better.

          *Ahem* – Other than that, as soon as there is any sort of ‘leader’ involved (for example the Pope), decisions and errors will be made. That’s perfectly normal, seeing how they are only human themselves and need to react to what the world throws at them to the best of their abilities. I will agree that these abilities may not be of highest grade (*cough*Merkel) and that the population will often not be happy with the decisions, but that’s also often because they don’t have the information our leaders have.

          Think of it this way, if they drive the whole gig against the wall, at least it’s not our fault. 🙂

          • Dæmon

            That wasn’t church. That, Mon Ami, was never guest speaker I have had at schools for the last ten years on the subject of sex ed and porn and other such subjects. I don’t go to church, I play games and watch television all day when I get the chance.

            Anyway, yes there are some messed up people, and yes I agree that they should be locked up, possibly for good. In all honesty though, I.don’t think that it’s a realistic concept of ‘no crime’. Sure, it’s great, but the it’s the same situation as a utopia like we talked about a few comics ago. Still, it would be better if prisons didn’t exist because they weren’t ever needed, have t that’s it St whishful thinking. Again, a good proverb I have heard is, “rules are meant to be broken”, which is fairly true in certain circles of people. And way, no time to add more here, so I’ll be done for now.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Gee, I wonder why.
      Though the real question is: Whom will she hit? Stefen for scaring her like that or Filip for leaving her alone with a strange man like that?

      But then again, there could also be hugs and kisses, because she’s so happy that Filip is still alive and well.

  6. Crestlinger Reply

    Method #1 of getting someone up that you want to be in the room for when they wake -leave.

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