Familiar faces

Who’s there? And more importantly – who is missing?! And what is our witch in the making planning to do with all those people? Gathering them in one place like this sure was risky, but she did cast one spell before, didn’t she~ ๏◡๏

I’m back from the trip to the mountains, finally! We’ve had a small adventure when going back; I accidentally bought the return journey tickets for a wrong day… So the bus we wanted to use drove away without us since all the places were already taken. Seriously, first time I did something like that ಠ_ಠ We had to split the ride in two to even get home, and I was back at 1 am instead of 7 pm and just crashed to sleep. But, all in all, we spontaneously met up with a friend in Cracow and had a pleasant evening~

From other news: I won the NaNoWriMo! Wrote 50 thousand words in a month, drafting a good half of a fantasy novel I’m working on. That’s a good feeling!

And if you are bored (like I was on the bus) I can recommend two anime series to watch: Charlotte was entertaining, and Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) kept me watching, although both series have a non-standard ending that can feel unsatisfying for some.

See you next week~!

46 comments on “Familiar faces”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    I see: Laura, Nina, Filip, Sofia (there, there, it’s going to be alright), the unnamed idiots and a number of foreign faces.
    Whom I do NOT see are:
    Kasper, Stefen and Emily.

    Now, Stefen and Emily were pretty much at Ground zero, when the demons showed up, so they’re (hopefully) just late for the party.
    As for Kasper…well, Laura seems to cheerful to have seen her brother getting reduced to demon chow, so here’s hoping that he’s just trying to find any more stragglers.

    Also, welcome back and once again: Congratulations. 😀

    As for what she would do with so many people in one place…a number of things come to mind.
    The most ‘logical’ thing would be creating a protection circle to keep the demons from entering.

    Other options include:
    Sacrifice them all to appease the rising demon lord to declare Ada the Queen of the world.
    Calling over a few friends for an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.
    Start a campfire and sing Kumbaya till the morning comes.

    …somehow I still think it’s my first guess. 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      That second option is really cool though! I feel slightly swayed hahaha~ And thanks!

    • JW Reply

      As for what she would do with so many people in one place…a number of things come to mind.
      The most ‘logical’ thing would be

      Human Sacrifice!

      creating a protection circle to keep the demons from entering.

      Err.. Yeah, saving them, I totally meant to say saving them.

      • Refugnic Reply

        That was the second option, JW. I did think of it, naturally.
        But seeing how they’re aiming to be the good guys…or are they…? 😉

        • JW Reply

          Yeah, I only noticed that you’d already covered that option after posting.

          But seeing how they’re aiming to be the good guys…or are they…?

          Maybe killing them would be a kindness.

    • Night Spark Corporal Reply

      welp im convinced Refugnic would be great for one of those sarcastic things like cinama sins or rants also i would be down for singing :^)

  2. ety Reply

    Oooh, nice! Well, I, personally, didn’t see that coming.
    I /almost/ thought that was Nina at the bottom of the middle-left panel, but on second thought she looks sort of totally different.
    Aww, Sofia, 🙁 she looks like she could use a hug.

    Hm, I definitely enjoyed both Charlotte and Zankyou no Terror, though I think they both had their problems as well.

    Congratulations in regards to the stuff with NaNoWriMo!

  3. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    So the opposite of empty then… I thought that was the tent Emily was in so I clearly wasn’t paying close enough attention. Good work Ada, even Freddie Ljungberg is safe in there 🙂

  4. Micah Reply

    I just wanted to say it’s impressive that Laura is the only one with even a hint of optimism here in the tent. The smile looks forced, but still, I think she’s the bravest in the tent.
    I’m worried about big bro since he’s not here, but I have this feeling that you’re an on screen death kind of guy, so not super concerned (don’t prove me wrong out of spite for the guess please). The good doctor and his lovely assistant are not present either, but that’s expected regardless of the outcome.
    Also, I noticed that Philip has weapon of choice as magic. I don’t remember mention of that in the story so far. Am I missing something, or is it a future arc coming up soon?

    As for the anime, I watched them both and liked them. This season the only ones that are good (in my opinion from what I’ve seen so far) is the last witch and Flip Flappers. So its a season for Yuri. I was just thinking, have you seen Elfen Lied? You might get a little inspiration from that with demons and pretty girls and lots of violence. Just rambling on over here, nothing to see.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I know Elfen Lied, watched the anime and read the whole manga. One of the shows I really liked and remembered well although it wasn’t an inspiration for Replay~
      Filip doesn’t use magic yet, just like Ada doesn’t have her longsword. So it’s a small spoiler I suppose 😉

      • Micah Reply

        Interesting to hear that, I liked it too.

        I figured the longsword was just her tastes outside of the magic sword. Neat.

    • JW Reply

      What have you seen so far, Micah? Cause I can always use opinions to clean up/add to the list of candidates. (I usually start with series long after the season’s over. I only started one-punch man a few weeks back, thanks to NI mentioning it again.)
      I kinda like “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku”, but mostly because I “like” the idea of magical girls horribly murdering each other, not so much because it’s the best they could have made of that idea.

      • Micah Reply

        Magical Girls Raising is ok, but it feels like they’re trying to be a Madoka Magica without being Madoka Magica (Just like why I don’t like Guilty Crown since I’ve seen Code Geass before it)

        Also started Occultic nine (I expected wonders from this show, huge letdown), drifters (meh), Miss Bernard said, Poco’s Udon World (am still watching it since it’s the best peaceful show I heard about this season, but not the best for the season), RWBY is off to a good start, but not far enough into it to say if it’ll stay that way. I’m hopeful.
        I heard Yuri on ice is really good, but I’m not a fan of Yaoi (odd considering I’m ok with Yuri), so I didn’t watch it. Then the two I mentioned, the last witch and flip flappers which are both very promising.

        Does this help?

        • JW Reply

          Yeah, thanks.
          I was already going to give Occultic nine a pass for pretty shallow reasons*, but good to know I won’t have passed on a good story.

          I’m a sucker for slice of life, so I’ll probably pick up Poco’s Udon World. In the same vein, I’m also watching Stella no Mahou.

          As for Magical Girls Raising, I don’t really feel like their trying to be like Madoka Magica. I mean, you could say that of every tragical magical girl show, by virtue of Madoka Magica really putting the genre on the map.
          The battle royale approach seems novel enough, though they seem to be grasping at heartstrings at the moment to try and make it work (while failing because they don’t have enough time to make you care about 16 magical girls in 12 episodes).

          *) probably the same two why others would watch it.

        • Dragon Master Reply

          If you like Yuri and echii like things you should definitely try out “Keijo!!!!!!!!” it’s great. The story is compelling as well.

        • Dragon Master Reply

          I don’t see how Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikak is trying to be Madoka Magica. IMAO Madoka’s got nothing on this. You never see them actually rip each other apart or anything else. They merely turn into witches and then are killed or kill others. Which is sad but not horrific or tragic. I’d say this is right up there with Elven Lied for tragedy and horror. I also like the story. But then that’s just my two cents.

          • JW

            It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Elven Lied, so maybe my memory has elevated its status a bit, but I’d say it’s nothing on that scale.
            (And honestly, I thought last weeks episode was a bit of a cheap shot at trying to play people’s emotions.)

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Easier for two people to defend one tent than twenty.

    Watched Charlotte, there’s a movie out taking place between episodes 3 and 6 if interested.

  6. ety Reply

    I /will/ have more fan art for you… at some point. . . . I just need to get around to it. I’ve been arbitrarily busy for no good reason.

  7. Refugnic Reply

    Heh…just looked at the vote incentive. A page preview, huh?

    Hehe…yup, that would be the expected reaction of getting called something like that…once you learn what it is, that is.

    But on the other hand, Robert did leave enough of an impression to be remembered by young Ada, so that’s a start. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s not a page preview! I was thinking of making short comics about the past events that won’t be included in the main story and posting them as vote incentives or something~

      • Ooorah Reply

        I’d love to see a continuation of the vote incentive. It looks like a fun little side story.

        As always, great comic!

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Do you or will you post them somewhere later on?
        If I read correctly, it’s currently page 25, but I’d love to read the whole prequel.

        Also, don’t worry, as I almost caught up, I will not be disturbing the older comments much longer 😉
        Please bear with me…

        • NotImportant Reply

          Hey I like reading your comments, at least I can see your reactions while you read and that’s awesome 😀
          Short story is currently posted on Patreon (accessible to all patrons) but once it’s finished I’ll clean it up and post somewhere for everyone, yes.

  8. NiWo21k Reply

    Yes to side storys in the vote incentives – its always great to see more about the world and the characters 🙂

  9. Dragon Master Reply

    ROFLOL I LOVE that poster Ada has in her room. I need to get some, I know quite a few people that would benefit from that message. xD

  10. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Nina looks sooo sad 🙁
    But I love how Laura is comforting Sofia. She’s quite mature, isn’t she?

  11. antrik Reply

    “It’s full of people..!” — is that a reference to “It’s full of stars”?…

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’m afraid Robert is too surprised for references at the moment 😀

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