Don’t be sad

That’s not what’s bothering her, Rob but… nice try buddy. She could use a pat on the head and some sweet words right now, that’s for sure. We’ve gone through some disturbing and dark topics lately so it’s time for something a tad different!

First important things for this week: new month has started so your votes are highly appreciated! Being on top of topwebcomics list gives Replay a chance to gather new readers~ I don’t really know any other places to advertise it, to be honest! Anyway, vote incentive has been updated so if you feel like checking what lays ahead please VOTE. Thanks! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥

And! I have made some stickers! Can you see those beauties?! I plan to make other cast members as well, later on. The shop I’m using let’s you buy 6 for 3 (small size) so if you plan to buy 3 or more some pick more, they’ll be free! They are available here: SHOP.

92 comments on “Don’t be sad”

  1. Micah Reply

    Your art always picks me up a bit…even though it’s about demons and killing and stuff. That first panel looks fantastic, I think you captured Ada’s emotion perfectly.
    Vote placed, lets shoot for a spot in the top three again!
    And those stickers look cute, I’ll probably get a few once you add the other members (So I don’t have to get two of each).
    The one thing that sucks about your updates is that it means I have to wait another week for another update 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha yeah, sorry, I don’t think I can handle two pages per week just yet haha. Glad you like the page!

  2. darius404 Reply

    Robert’s first word balloon: “Don’t make such [a] face.” Missing a word, there.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Is it seriously so absolutely necessary? I’ll add it but I’m just curious. I was sure that it’s more or less acceptable to omit it in speech.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Now, I’m not an expert (and should be doing something else right now anyway), but the sentence rings wrong in my mind without that ‘a’. (JW’s suggestion works too though of course).

      • JW Reply

        It’s always hard to make claims of absolutes when “correct” language use is concerned (or anything other than math, really).
        I usually prefer to google when I’m not sure whether one way to phrase something is better than another (or acceptable). In this case, I get these results:
        “don’t make that face” – 151k results
        “don’t make such a face” 98k results
        “don’t make such face” 1.5k results

        So, on the one hand, there are people that omit the “a”, but on the other there are so few that it probably a typo or just wrong.
        (And given the context, the second of the three is probably better than the first. The first feels a bit “berating” to me, especially in text where it’s difficult to get intonation across.)

        • Dæmon Reply

          I had to ask, because this was bugging me, “Is the word absolute an absolute, or is that debatable?” If we start arguing, we may just prove the question false, so please think before you answer.

          • JW

            I think that’s a false dichotomy. Everything is debatable. All you need to is two people willing to waste some time. 😛

            I do think the concept “absolute” is an absolute, there isn’t really anything vaguely indefinite about it. It’s the end of a scale.
            (The word, on the other hand, is merely a label for the concept.)

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Aww, those two can be so cute if only they want to be. 🙂

    Now if only we’d get over this little ‘she’s like my little sister/’ issue, we might actually have a ship on this page. 😛

    Also, really smooth. She’s covered from top to toe in blood and you wipe away a single trace in her face. Very effective. 😀

    …though something irks me about Robert’s facial expression.
    This is just a feeling, but that’s an expression I would expect from Faust, not Robert.

    Now here’s an interesting thought…none of the attack actually happened, but Ada is actually dreaming. Adam has somehow hijacked that dream and is now posing as Robert to get some ‘quality time’ with Ada (Adam’s weapon is ‘his mind’ after all).

    Alternatively, which would be a lot scarier than the previous theory, is the option, that Adam is actually able to take control over the body of someone else, making the person comforting Ada right here essentially Adam in Robert’s body.

    Regarding your question in the VI…no, I don’t actually, but that’s probably because I’m terrible with faces.
    On the other hand, she could be the grown up version of the bully from the unpleasant memory.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’d say we don’t know enough about Robert to start being suspicious right now haha, he has never said he thinks of her as little sister either~

      • Refugnic Reply

        In which context would he say that anyway? It’s not like he has been doing much talking about Ada at all. (Lot of talking with her though, but let’s be honest…any conversation that contains with ‘you’re like my little/big sibling’ is pretty much over with. :P)

        Besides, leave me my wacky theories! I’m not telling you how to do your job either, do I? Well, except for when I do, I don’t. 😛 (Just kidding there, obviously).

        You’re right though, we don’t know much about any of them quite yet. I guess it’s just something that doesn’t match with the image of Robert in my mind.
        Whether my impression is right or not, time will tell.

        But then again, I already established that I’m not that good at reading characters or persons a number of times, so there’s that. 🙂
        Well, time and patience…why again did a week have to have 604,800 seconds again? Oh right, because a day has 86,400 of ’em and a week was defined to have 7 days each…where are those pesky time machines when you need them? 😛

      • JW Reply

        he has never said he thinks of her as little sister either

        And even if he had, I’ve seen too many anime to make assumptions about how some people think about their little sister. 😉

        • Refugnic Reply

          Or their big brother.

          That said, it’s a rather common trope. In Germany there’s even a rather popular (well, it was popular, now it’s just old :P) song about this situation.

          The title roughly translates to ‘Touched a 1000 times (and 1000 times nothing happened)’ and deals with two people basically growing up together and never thinking much of the other until that one night where things come together.

          So yeah, it’s not just Anime, though the obsession with little sisters I never quite got. (I have one myself and I’d rather shoot her to the moon than having any sort of relationship like that with her.)

  4. Vicky Reply

    My first thought was… They aren’t gonna kiss , are they? (ノ•o•)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

    • Refugnic Reply

      What ever gave you that impression? Just because Robert saved Sofia from that one demon?
      If so, wouldn’t that make Filip swoon over Ada and Nina fall for Robert, breaking up their relationship? Cause the two of them were saved by our two as well.
      And what about Stefan?

      Honestly, if this is what it takes to make a pairing happen, I’m seeing a lot of unhappy faces in the near future. 😉

      • drakwithout Reply

        Because A. it would be awesome
        And b. this ain’t real life. unrealistic relationships are the NORM. not the exception

        • Refugnic Reply

          So I take it, you’re personally shipping Robert x Sofia, did I get that right?
          Whom are you seeing Ada with then?

          Just out of idle curiosity.

          Regarding B…I don’t know, life can be pretty screwed up on about every turn. 🙂
          Which is why ‘perfectly normal’ actually tends to be more of an exception than anything else.

          • JW's sockpuppet

            I’m totally shipping Ada and JW.
            Woohoo! They’d be so cute together.

          • Refugnic

            Now that one just made my day. 😀

            The biggest problem in this context would be organizing the transdimensional transmitter capable of bridging the gaps between the different realities.
            Furthermore, it needs to be configured to be strictly one way (after all, we don’t want demons popping up in our world, do we? ;))

            Now if you can get that out of the way all that is left for me is to say: ‘Good luck. It’s your funeral.’ 😛

          • Refugnic

            You mean you can’t bring yourself to ship Ada? Ship her with whom? There’s plenty of choices as of right now. Or would you prefer her to be forever alone or tied into a interdimensional relationship that can never be (Keyword ‘Waifu’ or something)? Because quite honestly, that’d be kinda sad.

            And while I know that she isn’t an actual living person by the general understanding of reality I still think that all of them deserves their little piece of happiness. Even Faust.

            Now for the more interesting question what ‘happiness’ is for each of them…:)

          • drakwithout

            No I’d like to build a star trek style replicator and bring her to life. Then try to win her affections with devotion and poetry.

            she’s too pretty to live in a world where every thing is destroyed by demons.

            also what about MY happiness?

          • Refugnic

            I beg your pardon, but that would not be Ada, but much rather a replica of Ada. Possibly with her personality and memories, but still not Ada, but much rather a clone of her.

            In that context, what do you think, would ‘Ada’ be happy here? Never be able to see her friends again and living in a world that is so entirely unlike hers? Among people who would label her as freak? (Even if NI treats them as non-existent, the tails and ears are there and, as such, would be replicated into our world).
            There’s only so much you can explain with Cosplay.

            Plus, I’d expect her to develop a PTSD if she’s cloned into this world with her memories, startling at every shadow and would most likely be sent to the ward for being delusional.

            And if you clone her without her memories, you’d basically have a child on your hands.
            Not much better either.

            In regards to your happiness…just like everyone else, you deserve happiness as well. However, just like everyone else, you need to accept it when it presents itself, because ‘perfection’ doesn’t exist. Neither in our world, nor in their world.

          • JW

            Among people who would label her as freak?

            Given the flashback, I think she’s used to feeling like that.

            Anyway, as a real life fox-girl I’m sure she’d quickly gather a following of devotees and live like a queen.

          • Refugnic

            And then one day simply vanish, because she is mistaken for an alien lifeform of some sort, which needs to be researched.
            Or be abducted by a fanatic, who just ‘has to have her in her collection’…but then again, unless it’s a heavily armed tactical squad, Ada would probably kick the butt of anyone who tried to laid hands on her without her consent.

            Regarding the freak thing: Point taken, however that was because of her hobbies. This time it’d be about her being born this way. Hobbies she can keep silent about.
            Physical traits only work for so long.

            Though I do wonder what her kids with a ‘normal’ human would look like. I guess it’s a matter of which genes are dominant.

            Ah yeah NI, I have a bit of a silly question. I’ve went back a few pages, however wherever I went, the hair of the character carefully hid the area where the human ears would be from sight. Do they have this kinda superfluous set of ears or did they get replaced by the animal ears up top?
            My guess is ‘they got replaced’ (also because any sort of animal person with an extra set of ears…I imagine to look kinda strange. :XD:).

          • NotImportant

            Oh come one, human ears are so much pain to draw, why would I go overboard like this and make an additional set? There is need for a second pair, they are supposed to hear with the ones on top of their heads.

          • Refugnic

            I kinda figured as much, really. I was just wondering, seeing how ‘they supposedly have no effect on the characters and might as well not exist.’ (Yup, I’m going to keep rubbing that in. ;))

            But thanks for clarifying. 🙂

    • Refugnic Reply

      I never did assume or propose that. Just because heterosexuality is the ‘normal’ kind of relationship, there are plenty of deviants.
      My personal take on them: As long as they don’t hit on me, I’m fine…well okay, I’d probably be a bit pissed, if my wife left me because she suddenly discovered her bi/homosexual side…but then again, I’d also be a bit pissed, if she ‘just’ left me for another guy, so I guess I don’t have a general problem with ‘sexual deviants’ (or whatever the general term for all the different alignments is).

        • Refugnic Reply

          …so instead of using an actual term, we are simply chaining the first letters of the alignments.

          Let’s just stick with ‘people’, shall we not? That’s a lot less discriminating for all of us. 🙂

          • JW

            It’ll make personal ads a lot more confusing, though.

            “People-person seeks people-person.”

          • Refugnic

            Well, if you’re specifically interested in a specific type of person, you can just state that. Anything else would be, as you already correctly stated, confusing as heck.
            Allow me to ask, which kinda ad would specify ‘LGBT’-person looking for like mind? How is the one reading it supposed to know if they are ‘interesting’? (I guess Bisexuals would be the only ones responding to an ad like that, because they are the only ones who don’t care).

            Now, whereas I understand that we require terms for the different sexual preferences to avoid this kind of confusion, I still think that it should not be the defining trait. First and foremost they are neither Hetero, Lesbian, Gay, Bi- or Transsexual. They are people and should be treated as such.

            And sorry for killing your joke. 😛

          • JW

            Now, whereas I understand that we require terms for the different sexual preferences to avoid this kind of confusion, I still think that it should not be the defining trait

            It depends on the context. It’s not, or barely, relevant to the job market, but it’s a different story on the marriage market. People play a lot of roles in life.
            When people from the LGTB community participate in things like a gay pride parade, I don’t think they’re asking “please ignore our sexual preference”, they’re asking “please accept us for who we are, sexual preference included”. And maybe that’s also what you mean by treating them as human, but I think it’s worth pointing out none-the-less; there’s a difference between treating someone as a generic human and ignoring individual difference, or treating them as an individual human with distinguishing traits that are important to their identity.

            And sorry for killing your joke.

            That’s ok, I’ll just apply some necromancy and try to resurrect it.

            “Zombie-person seeks brainy person, sexual preference doesn’t matter.”

          • NotImportant

            I like the resurrected joke even more haha.
            And about equal treatment: there is always that point somewhere, where we start pretending that we are all the same even though it’s obvious that we aren’t. So I guess I can say that I agree with what you said here. I feel that pointing out the obvious difference is less rude than pretending that we can’t see it and at the same time erase from our conscience important parts of other people.

  5. Anonymous K Reply

    Good job Robert instead of cleaning the blood off of Ada’s face you managed to smear it gg.

  6. Dæmon Reply

    Wow. 26 comments, and less than a day old page. Man, that’s pretty good, NI. I think the stickers need Stefan shooting his, let’s say… 8-gauge shotgun, and a demon exploding sticker, just for fun. Oh, and we can’t for get stickers of the characters’ equipment, and perhaps others using them as well, while in proper attire, of course. On something like that, woiluld Filip use a spellbook or wand, and Nina would be painting, or Sophia would be doing… Whatever it is she does…? Anyway, stickers of the cast and them using their equipment could make for an interesting contest to make a story using the stickers, and then post it here and see who gets the most votes. Anyone think it’d be entertaining? Just those stickers would be cool enough, but seeing Refugnic’s story could be fun, too. Faust could be with Asmodeous, and the Robert and Ada could kill them both or something. You get the idea. Do you have any thoughts on the stickers, NI?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha that’s actually pretty entertaining! I will design some storytelling stickers for sure! I’ll want to add rest of the cast first though, so it might take a while… Damn, so many awesome things to do, so little time… I wanted some cute Ada and Robert with giant donuts too! ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

      • Dæmon Reply

        Yeah, and some roadroller stickers too, for running over demons 🙂 I hope this can be a really good idea, since the vehicle stickers can be used for travel parts. I mean, layering a giant tank with Ada and Robert sticking out of it or sitting on top right of it could make for some comedy if you make the demon stickers. I mean, Stefan shooting a demon Ada’s about to run over could end in a hilarious fight between the two. I just get ideas, and I got to say ’em. I’m an idea guy, so I’ll be think of a LOT of stuff when you come out with things like this. The just think up something on the spot, and I say it, regardless of what people think about it or me. If I say ‘up yours’ to your face, I probably don’t like you, and that should make it clear. If I think up an ingenious way of doing something, I say it. It’s exactly what Ada did in the bad memory that just ended. She said something, regardless if f what people might think, but as I do sometimes, and she had happen to her, she was shot down. I mean, magic is cool for kids, so what the hell is wrong with liking it? Does it automatically make you a freak, or a kid, just because you like magic? No, and society has proven that supposed differences are, quote on quote, “bad”. What is bad about being different. I mean, there was at least one discussion about it on the last comic and one starting here, too. Anyway, enough ranting. The stickers were a cool thought I had, and I thought you would like it too. Thanks for sharing my views on it, and we’ll need some vehicles for the story stickers too, just to round it out. Oh, and will demon classification ever be a thing in Replay? I just thought of it, right before posting, and I thought it should be asked. You mentioned that you might do a ‘Stefan’s Journal’ with various anotamy sketches, but you need a calssification system for really making it seem scientific, even if the classification system isn’t really realistic at all.

        • Dæmon Reply

          God, my English is SO much better on paper. I mean, even a computer isn’t as good as my writing is on actual paper. I did horribly right there, so I’ll clarify any possible confusions right here.
          1. That should be top of it, not top right of it
          2. Instead f the just, it’s I’ll just. I think I hit the little word bar while typing somehow.
          3.that should be have happen to me sometimes, not do sometimes. Or it could be do have happen; either one works.
          Other than a question mark, I think that’s it for now, so I have to go do some stuff. Life, take me away!

          • NotImportant

            Haha I’ll remember the travel stickers as well, although I don’t think they will ever be traveling in tanks… Sounds like a shame, doesn’t it? I need to think about it.
            About the classification = it would be kind of hard for Stefen without categorizing them in any way so he’ll come up with something for sure. But I don’t know if it will ever leave the already mentioned journal.

          • Refugnic

            if there is demand for traveling in tanks, then there will be a way for traveling in tanks.

            Something off the top of my head would take place on a military base that’s already been largely decimated. A huge demon, around King Kong sized would fill the horizon.
            I could imagine Filip casting some sort of enchantment on the artillery shells (or whatever you load a tank cannon with)…well and then we’ve got Kasper for a driver, Laura for a gunner and of course Ada and Robert for protection.

            Presto: Riding in/on tanks. 😉

    • Refugnic Reply

      Oh? Just my story ‘could be fun’? What about all the others participating? Wouldn’t they be fun as well? 😉

      Just because I write more frequently doesn’t mean that others can’t write an entertaining story given the right material.

      Recently I came across a very nice quote: ‘You sit down at a keyboard and start putting one word after the other until it’s done. It’s that easy and it’s that hard.’
      Supposedly Neil Gaiman said that and it basically describes my creative process.
      I have an idea, often prompted by an arbitrary detail I pick up on…then I sit down and put one word after the other until it’s done.

      So far, it’s been pretty smooth going that way. 🙂

      • Dæmon Reply

        The method works, too. As for the liking only you’re stories, I haven’t read everything on the fan art page, so I can’t say what else I’ll like just yet. Although, I have mostly seen you’re stories and a single poem, plus some pictures, so I don’t know that in the current situation, it’s not inaccurate to say I’d like your stories a lot, since as you have stated, you ARE a writer after all, and the fanfics you write are pretty good, at least of what I read of the first couple. I can’t even remember if I have ever managed to finish the second one, but I liked it. Oh, and for NI, I have a story, but it’s not a fanfic. I was wondering if I could post so I could see what people thought and get any suggestions. I do realize I have a lot of work to do here, and I think people like Refugnic could help me improve, since there’s the obvious problem of meeting irl. Unless so.some lives in Utah, or can give me their email, it’s gonna be a problem.

        • NotImportant Reply

          If it’s not a fanfic it would be convenient to give us a link if you want people from here to comment on it. Posting it in the comment section seems a bit inconvenient.

          • Refugnic

            Not just that, it could also be considered as unsolicited advertisement and with any other webmaster just posting the link might get you kicked out of the comment section, so Dämon is right about being cautiously testing the waters.

        • Refugnic Reply

          I’m always interested in helping a fellow writer out (you write, as such you are a writer).
          And I’m pretty thorough and enduring with that. For example on dA, there’s this one guy who has been writing for years now…as far as I know, I’m the only person commenting on his stories, despite them being actually quite good. Now if I went away, that story would largely go unread…and not a single story in this world deserves that.

          To be noted though, I’m honest and merciless in my critique. As in, I will not flatter you. I will not insult you on purpose, the worst you may get from me is a ‘I’m sorry, but I’m out’ if I stop being interested.

          So, if these things are alright with you, I’d be happy to give your story a whirl if that’s what you want.
          I suggest you send me a note on dA or something to tell me about it.

        • Refugnic Reply

          Besides, I forgot about it in my other reply, you’re right, as of right now I’m the only fanfic writer for Replay.
          Though I’ll just bet the hat I’m not wearing, that NI would be very happy to have a few more writers producing some fanart for her. 😉

          • Dæmon

            Well, firs of all, I don’t have a da account, don’t really need one, unless I am missing certain content by going on as a guest. And as for writing, it’s a story based off of a nightmare I will once had. It’s a different style of writing than people are used to ina story, that’s for sure. In fact, it seems almost exclusively expository, which is weird, since even though I think like that, it’s never to that extent of exposition. There’s MAYBE a bit of dialouge here and there, but that’s about it. Also, I REALLY like to draw, and take almost every opportunity I’m not reading or playing games or working to do it. I have a drawing I can put up as fan art, and it kind was based off of the feelings a child might have after losing his mother to the initial demon attacks. It was kind of like a statement about the demons, and the scars a single demon attack can leave. It looks interesting, and it might be a cool thing for you to see, NI. The only problem is I need to scan it in first, and I need my dad to do that, since I don’t know how to work the scanner on the printer. Still, I have other drawings I need to scan, so I could make it work if I need to. As for the sending it to you NI, I need a gmail address, since I’ll be saving it to Google Drive. Still, I hope it works out. Is the email address on the contact info page a Google one, because I don’t think it works with anything else.

          • NotImportant

            ni.replaycomic [at] is very much google address, yes. I’m waiting for your drawings then!

          • Refugnic

            Actually I believe that NIs official Replay-Fanart-E-Mail is actually a GMail address. You may want to check the fanart page for details.

            Second, well, you’re missing out on notifications from your favorite artists, you cannot view stuff labeled as mature content (I like to put up warnings ahead of time if there’s somewhat questionable, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to put up a lock on any of my pieces) and of course you’re missing out on a way to contact me, but that’s just a minor point. 🙂
            And finally, you’re missing out on potential feedback from other artists (including me)…so yeah, registering for a dA account may have its benefits.

            Hmm…I do remember that one nightmare I once had, years ago…but that’s besides the point.

          • Dæmon

            Yeah, something I realized it s that, if I want to dot this full on, I have to add some stuff to the drawing, sadly. It just seemed too empty, and as such, I changed it and added some things. It’s still not done, but it’s better. I am approaching done, and the best part is I don’t need color! Well, at least I shouldn’t try that yet. It’d make some pretty cool art, and could potentially be a bit of an eyesore if I added or did a piece in colir, but it could work in the future. I think I’ll need a way to practice the art style first but I thought it was pretty good for a first try. Again, it turns out it felt empty, so I have some definite work to do. I’ll be sure to let you k is when It’s done. As for a da account, I would rather not, at least until I have a decent collection of both literary analysis documents from highschool (I have quite a few of those) and stories. If I can get them both, I think I could ask people what they think about my writing style so I could prepare for college. I mean I still have my whole life to get help, and I didn’t in the beginning because of stupid grudges, even thought they were well founded judgments and DEFINITELY weren’t misplaced or unfounded like literally almost everyone told me they were. Anyway, I still have to finish the piece of art, and I think I should hold off on the da account, at least for a little while longer. Either way, if things go the way they are now, I can get them done by Senior year’s end, and probably even before then.

          • Refugnic

            That’s perfectly alright, both on the art and on the dA account. After all, it’s your decision when and what to share.

            However regarding the ‘I want to wait until I have more’…I’ve seen a number of accounts that were completely empty and nothing but a collection of favorites. There are people like that too. You don’t have to have a full library of awesome to be a member of dA. In fact, I’ve also seen quite a bit of crap on there, so there’s that.

            Again, when and what to share is entirely your decision, but personally I don’t see harm in getting an account.
            But this is just me. 🙂

          • Dæmon

            Well, two things I want to say, and then some I’ll probably say because I rant a LOT. First, the drawing is done, and second, even though I don’t have a da account, it’s more that I didn’t need one, at least until now. It turns out that my cousin is on there, and she’s also on quotev, a quirky little site like Facebook, but with less assholes and racists, in a general way. These people, however, are mostly moe types and various sorts of geeks and nerds from my understanding, aaaand I’m ranting. Anyway, I haven’t read her (my cousin’s) stories yet, but it’s mostly fan fiction, but she _is_ writing a novel, and she doesn’t have a set title, but it’s interesting. It’s like vampires are real (HELL no way is it like twilight), and they’re actually a genetic mutation, like mutants in X-men, but these are strictly male, and for some reason, they’re mostly homosexual. This is correlation, not causation, according to her, and being the author, she’s pretty much the ultimate authority on this, like NI is for Replay. Regardless, I was considering joining da anyway, so I can see her novel. She went back and fixed some old chapters of it, so it’s much better than it used to be. I don’t know her name on da, but I know she said she’s starting to reach the level of fame that truly successful people take a while to reach, and it did take her at least a little while to reach it. Anyway, it’s a story that people say has REAL potential, and that’s not easy to get today, what with all of the companies denying these kinds of things because CRITICS won’t go for it, not the audience. This is exactly why Kickstsrter is so successful, and webcomics too can, on often do, surpass the predicted audience, because companies often are too short sighted to see this is GOOD material, and that people will love it. Anyway, I guess I just haven’t needed a da account until, quite literally , today. And the drawing is finally finished, so I’ll be sure to post it here, and maybe try to make a simple 3D rendering of what I imagine Ada’s sword to look like. It’ll be basic and probably uncolored, but if you want to use the rendering, NI, go ahead. I just have to build it. By the way, is Ada’s longsword more realistic, or anime like? As in, normal candy bar, or Galactic Emperor sized? Possibly a Universal Conquerer sized…? Hunger aside, I think I have to go now. If anyone knows the story I’m talking about, with the vampires caused by an X-men like mutation, I think Refugnic should know, since he’s probably like it. Oh, or I could text her and ask. I think I’ll do that. Or just ask her as I walk to school tomorrow, either one. Any preference? No? Text it is, then! *whispers* Now where is that candy I hid…?

          • NotImportant

            I shall not provide any information about Ada’s sword until she gets it, my lips are sealed!
            Waiting for the drawing, 3D is not my thing though so whatever you will give m I’ll just post it, I won’t be able to make renders or anything, unfortunately.

          • Refugnic

            I’m afraid I barely read anything any more these days, what with work, family and finally writing taking up pretty much all my time (oh and commenting :P).

            I do like the general premise and have used it before (in ‘The Demilympics’, the ‘furries’ involved are just a branch of human evolution) and I support the concept of them ‘supernaturals’ simply being quirks of natural selection instead of some magical event or another ‘transforming’ them.

            That said, I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the story and have no intention on going to look it up now, though if she really is as well-known as she claims to be, chances are that I heard her name before, so feel free to drop it once you’ve learned it.

            Regarding the critics thing: Those ‘critics’ are looking at a piece from the markets eye. They aren’t looking for ‘good stories’, but for ‘stories that’ll sell well’, which is, by no means, always the same thing.

            What pretty much always sells well is Romance (e.g. Twilight), because there’s always a generation of hormone driven teens around, looking for that one true love that’ll last for all of eternity. Coincidentally, that’s also the target group that’s most likely to invest in a book.
            Another thing that sells well are sex and scandals.

            Everything else is more of a chance hit, I believe, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll change my writing genre any time soon.
            If I do, it’ll be because I feel like it and not to please some market. 🙂

  7. Zero Reply

    See now, I knew something would happen with these two. They’re already inseparable.

    • Refugnic Reply

      In my opinion, they’ve been pretty much inseparable from the start (having a common background helps and a number of life or death situations only tightens bonds like that).

        • Refugnic Reply

          Well, as soon as the moment passes and Ada returns to her strict self, she may well kick Robert’s butt for messing with her like that. 😀

  8. Refugnic Reply

    On a side note, there is yet another option as to how this entire situation came to be and that is that one of them is dreaming. Possibly it also is a vision, mixed in with current elements. If so, I wonder what kinda situation they would wake up to…and more importantly, how much of what happened was actually reality and how much was ‘just’ a dream.

    I’m still not ruling out the toothpaste witchcraft to be at work here either…ah, so many ideas…:)

  9. JW Reply

    The biggest problem in this context would be organizing the transdimensional transmitter capable of bridging the gaps between the different realities.

    The easiest solution would be to Mary-Sue myself into the story.. or a fanfic, then, probably. And/or try to bribe NotImportant to make it canon.

    Furthermore, it needs to be configured to be strictly one way (after all, we don’t want demons popping up in our world, do we? ;))

    Oh, you just want to get rid of me 😉

    Now if you can get that out of the way all that is left for me is to say: ‘Good luck. It’s your funeral.’

    Wait, are you suggesting Ada would kill me, or that the demons would get me?
    In any case, survival in a story-world is mostly a matter of following the rules of the narrative imperative, and of course remaining on good terms with the creator-goddess of the world. You wouldn’t kill me off, would you NI?

    Or would you prefer her [..] tied into a interdimensional relationship that can never be

    It could make for an interesting tragic love story, provided it didn’t involve someone imaginary.
    Unless with interdimensional you specifically mean between a 2D and 3D person 😛

    (Keyword ‘Waifu’ or something)?

    See also
    Fortunately, while I do like anime, it’s not that bad; no anime side pillows (or, in fact, any merchandise).

    And while I know that she isn’t an actual living person by the general understanding of reality I still think that all of them deserves their little piece of happiness. Even Faust.

    I agree. Except maybe w.r.t. Faust. That depends on what kind of villain he is (if at all). Some villains can be quite sympathetic in their own way, and I wouldn’t begrudge them their happiness; but then, there’s also that other kind, with nary a redeeming feature at all.

        • NotImportant Reply

          ‘Kechi’ is a bit too much and out of place, at least the way I understand the word haha~ But I guess I can resurrect you later on and make you a zombie-character. Although I doubt Ada would appreciate… But you’ll be given a chance! What do you say? ๏◡๏

          • Refugnic

            Well, there’s a number of females in storytelling that do appreciate a Zombie for a companion. I think there even was a movie made out of one of them…I think it was called ‘Warm bodies’ or something (didn’t watch it, just heard of it).

            Either way, if given the right treatment (magic makes many things possible), JW would be as good as new. Maybe even better than new.

            I mean, imagine: No more pain, no more aging, no more fear.
            Okay, there might be a few problems, for example the common ‘hunger’ issue, though that can be worked around of.
            Then there’s the nasty evident brain damage getting killed and resurrected tends to cause.
            Regarding conceiving children however…well, I wouldn’t know how that would work, however if we assume that Zombieism is contagious (like it is in most stories), the very process would most likely infect the other…so yeah…you sure you want to take those chances JW? 😛

          • JW

            ‘Kechi’ is a bit too much and out of place, at least the way I understand the word haha~

            My japanese vocabulary is as limited as my understanding of it, so it might well be out of place. It’s just something a hear girls in anime say whenever a guy doesn’t want to go along with their plans.

            But I guess I can resurrect you later on and make you a zombie-character.

            I’d rather be a vampire or a werewolf, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.
            If the webcomic “zombie roomie” is anything to go by, it’s possible to live a happy and fulfilling afterlife as a zombie.

            Either way, if given the right treatment (magic makes many things possible), JW would be as good as new. Maybe even better than new.

            Or a zom-borg.

            Okay, there might be a few problems, for example the common ‘hunger’ issue, though that can be worked around of.

            Yeah, and it’s so hard to find people with a good brain these days. And when you do, they’re probably smart enough to escape.

            you sure you want to take those chances JW?

            Well, it would kind of defeat the purpose, if I end up putting Ada of her lunch at the sight of me.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I don’t think NI is one to take bribes, so I guess fanfics it is. 😛

      Nah, I just don’t want all the bad things seeping out into our world. You know, this stuff about magic and demons and stuff. If you give it even the tiniest rift to go through, they will.

      Depends on whom you tick off too much first, really. That’s quite a few very powerful enemies you’d have to go up against, these groups being the demons, Ada if you hit her in a foul mood, those interested in her if you hit her in a good mood and then there’s be NI too, who most likely wouldn’t like it, if you meddled with her story.

      However I actually think that NIs influence could be dismissed in this regard, because according to the transdimensional theory, the world she sees (and controls) is but one of many. You might not even make it to her world of Replay but to one that is exactly like it, just without NI being able to drop a meteorite on your head if she feels like it. 😛

      By ‘interdimensional’ I mean that both sides are equally real, but severed by the boundary of dimensions. Much like the legend of the two lovers (whose names escape me right now), which were banished to the stars, constantly reaching out to each other, but never quite able to touch.
      So yeah, really tragic…and, in my opinion, not Ada’s style. 😀

      Haha, Frankenwaifu, eh? Well, reality has a way of never quite living up to fantasy, doesn’t it? 😀
      Me neither, though my little son inherited a plush Pikachu from my wife, so there’s that. But you can’t condemn that, I believe. 🙂

      Regarding Faust (w.r.t.?)…I want to believe that there’s rhyme and reason behind his actions. That he’s not a cardboard villain with no depth at all.
      You know, the kinda villain you can’t help but feel sorry for once you know their story.

      That’s the funniest thing of all actually. As soon as you know the reasons behind the actions of the ‘villain’, you suddenly can’t hate him any more. At least not as much as you used to before you knew.
      As they say: The villain of one is the hero of others.

      In this context, the blade wrangling humans that deliver death and devastation to all of demonkind might be considered monsters by the demons and their families.
      “Mommy, when is Daddy going to come home with food?”
      “…I’m sorry, my dear, but Daddy won’t be coming home today…he ran across Ada.”

      Right, I’ll shut up now.

      • NotImportant Reply

        I love the baby demons idea ʘ‿ʘ
        And no worries, Faust is not a flat villain although we will learn about his past and reasons laaater on. Sometimes it scares me when I think about how much more there is to draw. I hope we’ll all live long enough to see the end of this story…!

        • Refugnic Reply

          Yeah, it’d be a shame if you had to do without our (more or less) witty banter spamming your comment section.
          Admit it, you’d miss us! 😛

          I’m similar, actually…while I’m only in my early 30s, I promised myself that I would finish this one story in my life. That I would refuse to die before it’s done.
          Now, since one never knows when death comes knocking at your door, I got started some two years ago and am now done with book 1…though I kinda wonder what I’m going to do once the story is all done and over with…but then again, there’s always the next story, isn’t there? 🙂

          Regarding the baby demons…go ahead, draw that. Make people cry. 😛

      • JW Reply


        = with regards to

        Haha, Frankenwaifu, eh? Well, reality has a way of never quite living up to fantasy, doesn’t it?

        I think in this case it was even worse for the fantasy brought to live, than for the person whose fantasy it was. I shudder to think what he did to that poor pillow.

        • Refugnic Reply

          I share the sentiment. I don’t even want to know.

          And thanks for the explanation, my abbreviation dictionary is lacking in many areas it would appear.

    • Refugnic Reply

      May I kindly point your attention to my latest Fanfic ‘In another life’, available for your enjoyment in the Fanart section?
      I believe it might be to your liking, though I of course may be mistaken.

      Either way yup…this is almost sure to end in a very beautiful trainwreck of emotions, for the simple reason that it’s way too soon for any sort of ‘Happy ever after’.
      Of course NI could just be trolling us big time here and nothing is going to happen at all.

      All we can do is wait and see.

      • Dæmon Reply

        The trolli g sounds fun! Do it NI! Torture us more, so we’re forced to wait for them to finally hook up! It’s be GREAT suspense if they ruin it now, then only figure out how to communicate their feelings later! #OnlyHalfSarcasm #HalfJoke #HashtagJustBecause all right, the last few new a joke, but I thought it could be appreciated more by this crowd,who ACTUALLY have a sense of humor, unlike schools, again referring to your flashback, NI, where obviously the “humor” is at the expense of people like Ada and I. Personally, I would like kill the bastards who do this sort of thing, but I can’t. *creepy grin comes on face* (if you can’t tell, I am TIRED right now, and it’s mostly got to do with dealing with your pretty much stereotypical asshole all day, and not be allowed a break from it at all. Home isn’t much better right now, what with current term grades sucking, and needing to get them up,and the fact that I have WAY too much to do right now, drawings included. The drawings only make the list of problems because of needing someone e else to work the scanner so I can copy them to Google Drive, and then send the one I want here, and then post all of them to an online portfolio for school. I’ve got about twenty five, maybe thirty drawings to add there, so yeah, lots of work to do.

        • Dæmon Reply

          “Last one” becomes “last few new”? I think I hit something I shouldn’t have…. And then I had to correct another two typos on this one, and it a really good thing I did, since one of them looked NOTHING like what it should have. #DamnYouAutoCorrect

          • Dæmon

            I missed one. How do I do crying emoji on a keyboard, cause I can’t without the emoji menu. I don’t know any emojis in terms of symbols alone, and then there are symbols not found on a keyboard, so I’d have to find out how to do those too. II hate to admit it but I really need a teacher here.

  10. Dæmon Reply

    Here’s something I found in the online version of the Devil’s Dictionary:
    DELUGE, n. A notable first experiment in baptism which washed away the sins (and sinners) of the world.
    DELUSION, n. The father of a most respectable family, comprising Enthusiasm, Affection, Self-denial, Faith, Hope, Charity and many other goodly sons and daughters.
    All hail, Delusion! Were it not for thee
    The world turned topsy-turvy we should see;
    For Vice, respectable with cleanly fancies,
    Would fly abandoned Virtue’s gross advances.
    —Mumfrey Mappel
    DEMON, n. A man whose cruelties are related in the newspapers. See FIEND IN HUMAN SHAPE.
    DEMONOMANIA, n. A condition of mind in which the patient fondly imagines himself acting under the authority of the devil, and is just too proud for anything.
    DEVIL, n. The author of all our woes and proprietor of all the good things of this world. He was made by the Almighty, but brought into the world by a woman.
    When Eve stood at the judgment seat,
    And argued for salvation,
    She pleaded at Jehovah’s feet,
    In sad extenuation,
    That Satan, who had made them eat,
    Was of His own creation.

    “Not so,” and frowned the Master’s face,
    “That apple ’twas a sin to
    Indulge in, with no saving grace.
    Atone! You can’t begin to.
    I merely turned him loose in space,
    The world, you brought him into.”
    —Ella Wheeler
    DISHONESTY, n. An important element of commercial success, to which the business colleges have not as yet accorded an honorable prominence in the curriculum, but have weakly substituted penmanship.
    Dishonesty is the best policy.
    —NewTestament: St. Judas Iscariot, IXL.,29
    DIVINE, n. A bird of pray.

    Aaand that’s it for now, since I can’t seem to find the rest of the words I thought would fit at least a little.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I stumbled upon really cool dictionary with various demons and angels’ names but I can’t find it now, probably some one took down the site…? ¯\_(シ)_/¯

    • NotImportant Reply

      You are not the only one! Someone on Tapastic left a similar comment~ Maybe I should have used a bigger font after all lol

    • SotiCoto Reply

      Same here. And in fact I was just about to say as much.

      Ah well, they’re practically married anyway.

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