Difficult choice

Congrats to those who opted for Stefen’s rational side winning. After all his date with those swords wouldn’t last long if there was no one to guard the camp. Kind of sad that he puts more faith in those two kids than in the military. Can’t blame him, commander is doing the same, heh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next week we’ll see a different scenery, so let’s say goodbye to the naive and passionate commander. In the original story he made even less sense and was an absurd character, made for a sole purpose of pissing Ada and Rob off. I decided to change it and I don’t regret it. It’s true that in a state of emergency you can become a commander within a day without really doing anything (it’s just that the old commander got eaten) but… meh, I don’t like stories about idiots after all. Dennis just really, really, REALLY doesn’t like the idea of magic. And you can probably guess why.

Ah, and new month started! So if you’d like to show your support it’s a nice time to do it. Thanks! (´∀ ‘)♡

Well, see you guys next week!

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  1. Micah Reply

    Just a small note, I like what you did with the last two panels at the bottom, It gives a softer transition to the next location/time jump that a lot of Webcomics don’t bother with. I know it’s a small detail, but I think it will be really nice for binge readers and for the book that will get made of this.

    …Yeah, you haven’t said anything about making a book, but I can dream right?

    • NotImportant Reply

      We share that dream buddy, I’d love to print it one day~
      And thanks! Transitions are somewhat difficult, I’m still trying different things, thanks for letting me know that this one works!

      • Refugnic Reply

        Well, from where I’m standing, you’ve most definitely got what it takes. There’s lesser works in print out there *cough*my books for example*cough*, so give me just one good reason, why you shouldn’t be able to get your work printed as well.

        Once you’ve got a decent amount of pages down, I suggest doing a Kickstarter to be able to actually print at a decent price. (BoD may be decent quality by now, but shelling out $100 for a 500 page book (just throwing out a number here ;)) is most definitely not going to sell. Also, by doing a Kickstarter, you get a good feeling whether there’s actually demand for a book or not.

        If the Kickstarter fails, there’s likely not enough people who would put money into your work to actually make it work.

        But then again, I know very little about the publishing world, other than ‘doing it yourself’ is damn expensive. 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          And this is where the question stands – will there be anyone willing to pay for a full color comic which probably won’t be cheap? We’ll find out haha…

          • Refugnic

            Before asking that question however, one needs to determine how much there is to pay for a full-color comic. I mean I’ve seen a good number of comics on the net, which have made the jump to print.

            Now, this is, by no means, a binding statement, but I think 10-20 bucks should be affordable. I mean, after all you’re buying a complete book with beautiful illustrations and stuff. And, as I said before, there are lesser works out there who sell for that much.

            But yeah, first thing’s first: How much would a comic book cost anyway? I think a little probing in that direction wouldn’t hurt, would it?

          • Dæmon

            Well, I’d buy it, if I had the money. Plus, there are D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for those of you who don’t know what that is) art books with the same kind of pictures as shown here, but in a different t art style. I’d imagine they run about twenty to twenty five dollars a book. My dad has a book for the DragonLance books, and it’s VERY nice. It’s expensive to make, I’m sure, especially since it looks to be hand painted.

          • NotImportant

            Damn, Replay’s world would make such a good rpg system, with separate book with monsters (demons) and rules about magic and… aaah!! Now I really want to do it!!!

          • Dæmon

            There’s actually a table top game where you can do that. It’s called GURPS. It stands for Generic Universal RolePlaying System. It’s an RPG system for making a table top game, but it’s only a system to make it. The game, lore, and playable races are completely up to the GM, who has full control. Also, it says In the rules to take out modify, or change whatever you want in order to fit the world. It’s based on 3d6, or three six sided dice. If it says, “3d” it means roll three six sided dice. Of course I prefer D&D’s stats to this game’s stat system. It’s meant to more closely mimic life, which is nice, but it really needs to be fixed stat wise. There are Strength, which determines HP, Dexterity, which determines all accuracy and movements speeds, as well as taking advantages for different types of movement, Intelligence for Will defense and Perception, and then Health, which determines spell casting ability through Fatigue Points, or FP. The whole system is point based, so you start as human, though technically, these guys would count as human unless they could hear better, and any racial differences are bought with a set number of points. Any abilities and skills are also bought with points, and then anything you were born with, even looks, are also bought with points. An average human is about 150-200 points, if I remember correctly. Plus, you can buy stats, you don’t roll them. Of course, as I said, that can all change based on the GM’s preferences and system, universe, and anything else the GM wants to change. there are two main books, one fore characters, there other for the campaign. There are also guides for specific genres, including tips for character creation and campaign management and control.

          • NotImportant

            That’s interesting! And yeah, if I ever make a system for Replay it would have been based on something else, no need to invent mechanics again, right? I’d just describe the world, monsters and how the magic works and that’d be it. Although right now it would be hell of a spoiler haha, I’ll save that idea for later 😀

          • Gonnhirrin

            Current way to print through a Kickstarter seems to be find a printer that will give you a decent price per unit print run, add shipping cost and maybe a bit more. This is your goal to set up the Kickstarter, donors at per unit gross get the book. Pick some promotional items donors at set higher levels get the book plus these. Set some stretch goals, if these are met another project gets done. If you don’t meet the goal in the time frame you set the kickstarter is cancelled and no one is charged. Gunnerkrigg went with a $25,000 initial goal for the print run over 30 days and easily exceeded it.

          • NotImportant

            That’s what I will probably do, although I plan to draw a bit more until I start thinking about print seriously. Replay is still very short!

          • Dæmon

            Yeah, and the best part is, NI, it says to change what you need to change. For instance, there are advantages for better spell casting and a higher magic affinity (I.e., calling out names of attacks versus saying an incantation) that you could use just to determine a person’s ability with magic. Normally, you’d have to take the mage advantage in order to even be able to cast spells, not including artifacts unless otherwise stated. Also, you can veto that and say anyone can cast spells, but as a bonus, it includes multiple mana levels, and some of the higher one include this ability. Also, there are tech levels, with 8 being approximately what we have now. 9 is stuff like moon bases, and higher can get laser weapons, beam weapons, and so forth.

            The tech level also determine starting wealth, and you can take advantages and disadvantages to determine your standing in life, social circles, and wealth. The disadvantages add points to spend, and vice versa for advantages. The X’s have a negative point value of modifier, representing a negative cost, and the opposite for a’s. In other words, the a’s are positive, and take away points, and the d’s add, or negate, point values. The modifiers can be anything and can change any and all features if a spell or skill.

            Also, looks and dice rolls take the place of a Charisma stat, which makes sense, but I prefer to have an actual stat, since there’s more than smarts and looks involved in charisma. Also, there is no wisdom stat. This could also make sense, but often times it doesn’t make sense, as wisdom and intellect are completely different features of humans.

            In addition, the FP mentioned earlier start to drain after a few turns in combat, as it can take a lot out of you if you battle for two long. This means that soon, you can’t cast spells, and you are reduced to almost nothing in a drawn out battle. Furthermore, HP only recover at a rate of 1HP per day, which can easily be changed, particularly if there is magic involved or in the air.

            It’s an RPG system meant to mimic life. If you k is the munchkin games, this is the same company who makes GURPS. It’s Steve Jackson Games, I think.

          • NotImportant

            Lot’s of info haha, but as I said – we are still very far from making RPG system out of Replay. And in the meantime many other interesting systems may come to be.

  2. greatbasincoyote Reply

    My guess would be that the general is a paper-pushing category of commander and most, if not all combat commanders have already been killed in the line of duty. By this point in the timeline, if I were a civilian, I would have given up the idea the military had a chance of pushing back against the demons. Probably the only reason civilians even bother to obey the uniforms is that they most likely have food and clean water since most power stations are either inoperable or destroyed.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Well, that is mighty reasonable of him to be sure.

    Though I will say that it really speaks of his character. To know the own limits (and obey them) is a very important trait to have, especially in times like these.
    Sure, it’s equally important to try to push those limits, but to act like they just don’t exist is plain foolishness.

    And he is right, what these people need right now are warriors capable of wielding these blades, not scientists trying to figure them out.

    Though, if they were to find an expert on the matter, things would look different. Because then, there would be the possibility to replicate the spell on the blades and for example craft them into guns, making the bullets fired by these rifles into real demon slayers. Now that would most certainly turn the tides around.

    But for some reason I just don’t see them coming across a shaman from whatever era those swords are from any time soon. 🙂

    • Zenanii Reply

      Actually, I’m pretty sure Ada IS the expert. Well that may be pushing it, since she’s casting magic spells with thoothpaste, but I definitely think the workings of the blades are very much the work of Ada. Clearly Stefen knows quite a bit about magic since he can not only “feel” it by touch, but he can also identify it as chinese magic. If he and Ada were to work together they might accomplish great things.

      Hm, here’s a theory: Stefen is an expert at theoretical magic. He has the knowledge and he can sense it but he just lack the spark/source/talent whatever you want to call it, to wield it.
      Ada has a increadibly powerful “talent” yet little to no knowledge how to apply it properly. She’s an expert at practical magic yet novice in theory.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Personally I wouldn’t call her an ‘expert’, though she probably knows more about magic than many others in the camp. But for her to create demon slaying weaponry and stuff…sorry, but I think that’s plain beyond her.

        Plus, if she had made the blades, then why doesn’t she just enchant the guns? Or put up a ward against the demons?
        We’re talking about some high class wizardry here, not some ‘I dabbled a little in magic and suddenly it started to work’.

        So yeah, while there may be some talent in Ada’s hand, I think you may overestimate her abilities just a wee bit.

        Now future Ada may be a whole different story…

        Regarding Stefen…I don’t think he’s an expert at theoretical magic.
        Their world changed when the fire nation…err, the demons attacked and that was likely when magic suddenly became real as well.

        I think that Stefen has a natural knack for magic and his scientific mind allows him to pull off a parlor trick or two without extensive studies.
        But high class wizardry like the blades are, as he correctly stated, simply out of his league.

        But that may just be me.

      • Dæmon Reply

        Bein g the literalist I am, I had a hard time trying to sort out what you said. I’m sorry if this comes across as rude, but there are a few minor problems with what your saying. First, you said Ada is an expert. This is likely not true, but it’s a good guess.

        Second, Stefan would be the most likely candidate for expert status, as you said, but that also contradicts the earlier statement. Your guess is as good as mine, but in the case where you compared aptitude to knowledge, you actually have a point, eve though it contradicts the earlier statement of Ada being an expert.

        Third, it said it was Japanese magic, not Chinese. Although if my understandign of the Katana is right, it did originate from China, so points there.

        Fourth, the final sentence contradicts the second point, which covers everything in the middle of those two sentences. Again, aptitude isn’t the same as knowledge, as you stated, and contradicted, but to say Ada is an expert is likely a mistake, as she only pursued magic as a hobby, not as a profession.

        Lastly, Ada may havee, and Stefan may have knowledge, but I would guess that a situation similar to D Grey Man or Buffy the Vampire Slayer is unlikely to be the case, as Stefan has yet to approach the two before now, and though it seems likely that they have been there together for some time, both parties have yet to reveal their knowledge of magic and didn’t even know about the magic on the blades, meaning that Ada may not have the ability to sense magic (as can be the case with some mages, depending on the universe), and as such she is likely to be at a novice level at best. Overall, you had some good thoughts, but I think you should try to make sure that they don’t contradict each other first, before posting. You did good, and I think you did a good job on the magic theory, but sadly, it seems unlikely at this point. Until we have more information, I think we should exclude any non canon relationships, shipping excluded, because those can’t be stopped. We had entire discussions on this multiple pages ago, and it’s already been proven that people have some crack ships. Either way, this theory is good, but perhaps we need some more information before we make any true conclusions.

        • Dæmon Reply

          Ada may have talent. There, corrected. Crap this phone being a real problem lately. I’ll be sure and mention anything you need cleared up, so just let me know if anything is confusing. It may have been the phone, so I’d like to know if there is any sort of problem.

        • JW Reply

          Although if my understandign of the Katana is right, it did originate from China, so points there.

          The katana didn’t originate from China, it was developed and evolved solely in Japan.

          • Dæmon

            Yes, well, a book on Tokugawa era warfare said that the Katana wa a weapon that had it’s origins in China. Or I’m confusing my countries again, and I got it backwards, like I usually do with any kind of relationship. Either way, it had it’s place in Chinese warfare, just like guns did in those areas of the world.

        • Zenanii Reply

          Heh, you’re right, I kinda got carried away by my own reasoning and didn’t notice the obvious facility in my theories. I used the term “expert” because that’s the term Refugnic used in his musings. “Though, if they were to find an expert on the matter” being the key sentence. What I really meant for Ada would be “genius” or “natural”.

          So my theory (let’s try this again) is that there are two components to magic.
          1. To know the glyphs/runes whatever shape and form, how to properly draw them and use whatever magic words/incense/virgin sacrifice to enable them.
          2. To have the natural latent magic capability to activate the runes.

          So my theory is pretty much that Stefen knows a LOT about runes/glyphs /seals whatever, but he has no magical talent to work them.
          Ada can only a few runes (the ones engraved on the blades being some of them) but have incredibly talent activate them and actually make them work.

    • masterofkittens Reply

      Looking through the cast page, there’s a dude called Filip who might be an expert. Maybe we’ll run into him soon. The military might already have a magic division.

    • Gonnhirrin Reply

      I wonder if there are any metalsmiths still around? Stefen can see the spells so it seems to me they may be able to replicate demon killing swords.
      1. Stephen writes down the spells.
      2. Are scribes them on a metal ribbon.
      3. Ribbon folded and worked into a sword.
      Would it need to be a katana? Straight swords may be easier/faster with available workers.

  4. Werdna Reply

    I can definitely see where Stefen would dislike magic, being a scientist and all. Even if magic is a science all of its own, it probably isn’t the same science that Stefen knows and loves.
    Also, I feel like if Ada and Robert told everyone that they, not the military, could kill demons, the general public would be at least partially confused, and believe that the military is capable of killing demons. Which might in turn lead the military (especially the pizza-delivery-guy-with-a-gun tier) to believe that they should be capable of killing demons.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Next page will explain how the confusion you mentioned was avoided by the commander 😉 Yes, he most certainly wouldn’t want them to go around the camp, claiming that military is useless. But if people already look up to Ada and Robert…. he will use them.
      And Stefen is an open minded scientist haha, those exist as well!

    • JW Reply

      I don’t think science (or scientists) would have any fundamental issue with magic, as long as it were real. Provided that something exists and you can interact with it, then you can examine it and try to figure out how/when/if it works. At worst you’ll determine its workings are random, but that hardly makes it worse than quantum mechanics.

  5. Dæmon Reply

    Well, I said last comic I would search for clues. I didn’t find any, but if I remember correctly, the first demon to appear in this comic seemed to have two eyes at first, then had four more one or two pages later. Unless that was a mistake, it could show that they can morph at will. Of course, I could only SEE two eyes, so I could be putting too much into it. Then again, I can’t find anything without more clues to go on. We don’t know enough to make any solid assumptions, we can’t just look back for clues (or I’m just less observant than usual), and we can’t tell how they are created or killed. Are they of a magical origin, as we may expect from the most likely of origins, or are they scientific or possibly neither in nature. There are too many unknowns, and we don’t know who or what can tell us what we need. Autopsies are almost useless at this point, Stefan has some secret he’s keeping, and then there are the demons themselves, which we essentially regarded as walking, possibly talking, definitely murderous enigmas. Does anyone else have any information to add?

  6. Adriano Reply

    Awesome webcomic.
    Sorry I have nothing much to say x3
    Just, keep being awesome !!!

    • Refugnic Reply

      That’s wrong, Adriano.

      Happiness is made of the important things. However it’s all the not important things we think are important (money, fame, etc.) that cloud our sight of the actually important things and declare them as ‘Not important’ or ‘Less important than’.

      Though, to reiterate on the intent of what you said you are right. It’s the things often overlooked as ‘Not important’ that are what really make living worthwhile. So yes, ‘Happiness is made of not important things.’ ;P

  7. Artredies Reply

    Well, as has been previously mentioned; there isnt much left of the real military to put faith *in*. So the kids with swords or untrained civis in camo?

  8. Dæmon Reply

    You know, sudden thought. NI, if you could, would you redo the first pages to improve them, and include them in a print copy so that people could compare the art style then and now? Of course, you could also have a separate section with all the pages you’ve redone, typo pages likely not included.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Depends, I’d like to redo them nut on the other hand – wouldn’t it be better to draw something new instead? Because next time my art drastically improves I’ll have to redraw even more. It’s unavoidable!

      • JW Reply

        On the one hand something-something-something, on the other hand it drives me absolutely insane when artists redraw everything from page one every few years.
        Drawing more of the story is probably also more satisfying than redrawing a part you’ve already told — I’ve seen a lot of artists give up on their project entirely during the third or fourth time restarting.

        • Dæmon Reply

          Hmmm. I more meant improving it, particularly the dialouge, since I have been reading this long enough to remember the odd, awkward dialogue you wrote with.

          • NotImportant

            Well yeah, dialogue will be fixed, I just never find the time to rewrite it -_-

  9. Wojszach Reply

    Magic weapons… I think high caliber high explosive rounds will deal with deamons easily

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