Had enough

Robert doesn’t feel like making friends with you, mister former pizza delivery guy.

And sorry! I said that we will start new year with Ada homecoming (comicoming?) but there is still one week before she appears again, sorry about that! You will see her next Monday on the page and in the meantime you can enjoy new illustration I’m drawing. I will be uploading progress shots as vote incentives so vote often not to miss anything! Vote now to see the sketch!


You probably noticed that I am playing around with the style, please forgive me, I am still trying to figure out how I want those characters to look like. I hope I will stop making drastic changes once we are out of the prologue (yeah, we are still in the prologue). But no worries, I am mostly experimenting on Robert, Ada is already perfect ♥

I hope you lot will stay with me in 2015 too! Have a great year and try to enjoy the comic!

3 comments on “Had enough”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    I love the detail on how Pizza Boy’s ears perk up in his panels. One ear, two, droop.

  2. SotiCoto Reply

    So they’re in a place. A place that has first aid people who have a different sort of ears.
    Somehow I doubt there is any significance to it. The ear shapes, that is.

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