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Thanks for reading the second chapter! <3

Replay has re-launched on Tapas! Please like, comment, subscribe! Replay on Tapas


Very proud of this forest background, it was super fun to paint~ A couple of next pages will be a small intermission with some illustrations that I really wanted to draw and couldn’t find the time. Two of them are already on Patreon so those who have the $10+ pledge can enjoy right away and in full size!

Next page:
Next next page:

If you don’t support Replay on Patreon you can still see a sketch of the first illustration by voting on TWC! Thanks in advance!

So, a couple of things. I’ll be flying to states this weekend for a business trip so I might need to skip the next week’s update if work swallows me. Apologies in advance I guess. Previous trips ate the buffer that I had so I have no other choice but to skip if I can’t make a page on time. Right after that, my friends from Poland might be visiting. So again, it will be hard to draw, most likely. And once they’re gone I’ll be flying to Singapore and Thailand XD So yeah… a friggin’ busy month is coming… That’s why I wanted to do a little intermission with illustrations because that’s easier to handle than the beginning of a new chapter (and I want this to be a really awesome chapter).

We’ll see how it goes… But you’ve been warned. My availability in the upcoming month will be… extremely limited.

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9 comments on “Capitulation”

  1. JW Reply

    Heh, at first I didn’t even notice what she was sitting on in the new vote incentive. That’s a big one.

  2. Bruudwin Reply

    so now that this is on tapas, you can still access webtoons, hiveworks, topwebcomics to spread your influence and draw in more readers?
    its a good thing i randomly re-remembered this comic last night after months of not reading it XD (that and i had changed computers so quite a bit of website history, internet browsing etc was lost)

  3. Refugnic Reply

    ‘Ready in two weeks’?
    That’s an interesting estimation of ‘preparation time’.

    It’s not as simple as ‘walking in, getting what you want and and walking out’ again, I get that.
    Though I do wonder…what does she plan on doing that would take ‘2 weeks of preparation’?

    The only things that come to mind are:
    Combat training (this depends on how many people they want to carry along)
    A very complicated ritual that takes ‘about two weeks’ worth of preparations.
    A ritual, which has to be executed at a special point in time (like for example during a full moon).

    Or, of course, she’s ‘stalling for time’.
    As in: Adam is preparing something that still takes more time to prepare (for example finding a way to circumvent the barrier Ada made) and Julia is buying him enough time before the camp has enough weapons to actually fight back against the demons.

    Oh and let’s not forget the option: She’s scared of going back (I know I would be) and says ‘two weeks’ to buy herself enough time to maybe persuade them not to pursue this madness.
    Though nobody ever said that she needed to tag along.

    Be that as it may, I expect the coming chapter to be interesting.

    Busy month coming up, huh?
    Well, it can’t all be roses and sunshine every day, I guess.
    Be sure to get the rest you need.
    Wouldn’t want you to burn out on us after all. 😉

    Also: Yup, that’s a big one.
    Kinda reminds me of that one quote from Tribes 2 (old Multiplayer Ego shooter)…the game would announce the death of a player in the chat channel with the name of the victim and the ’cause of death’.

    My personal favorite: ‘xxx didn’t see that sentry turret…but it saw him/her!’
    Same principle here. 🙂

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Crestlinger, beat me to it. Perfect opportunity to miss an opportunity or two with other opportunities. I have come to realize I enjoy word wisps instead of word bubbles…they are transparent and wispy; I can see more of the arty stuffs. Safe journeys. Whilst in states make sure to enjoy a chili-dog or two and get some on your shirt; unless vegan/vegetarian then have soy coleslaw which you may also get on your shirt. You’ll fit right in.

  4. Speedy Reply

    You know who’s been hard at work, since the cock crowed? Hania! While you three have been running your mouths, Hania’s been patrolling the perimeter, making sure no evil bugs or worms get into the camp! Heck, she probably even made y’all breakfast. I bet it’s been a while since y’all have had fresh eggs.

    If Ada plays this right, she won’t have to do chores for a week. (I figure each person will be willing to do Ada’s chores for a day, once, in exchange for eggs. After that, the camp will form a communist government, and Hania and her eggs will become property of the Communist Regime, and each member of the camp will be given equal servings of eggs.) ;D

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