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Laura’s so adorable on this one ♡♡♡ Two next pages with something completely different:

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I hope you guys are going well! I’m slightly bummer out that the weekend has ended so quickly but I at least managed to close out a scene for Historia novel so I felt pretty productive. Didn’t manage to do any more drawing than that, unfortunately – my arm is very unhappy already. It’s hard to take a break and go hiking or exploring too because it rains all the time. Well, at least the apartment is clean now…

As a little announcement: we’re looking for artists willing to help out with the Historia visual novel project. We need someone to help drawing the backgrounds and CGs! No money involved, unless we actually earn some while selling this thing on Comiket laaaater on. We’re doing this as a hobby, after work, for fun.  If you’re curious and want to collaborate with me on the art, this is the project blog: and you can contact me or Cam here or on Twitter: or

Oh, btw, I’m reading Vicious by V. E. Schwab now. Do you guys know it? (no spoilers please!!)

18 comments on “Can’t help”

    • JW Reply

      No, just jealous, I think. Like she says, sometimes you just can’t help it.
      And of course some of the attention that should be rightfully hers is now going to magic (and by extension Ada).

    • JW Reply

      Y’know one thing that irks me about a lot of anime and manga is girls always being jealous of other girl’s bigger breasts. I don’t know if that’s actual and frequent thing in reality, but it’s dumb.
      Even aside from that some guys like ’em smaller or don’t care at all, if you have to run for your life from demons then a smaller size is damn practical.

      • NoriMori Reply

        Yeah, it’s one of the most tiresome tropes, especially in anime/manga. I’ve never met an actual person who gets worked up over their boobs being smaller than someone else’s. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even met anyone who acts visibly resentful towards other girls at all, even if they are jealous.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I’m totally with you on that. Plus, apart from the (manga) girls being worried about comparing boob sizes all the time (which they might do sometimes in real life), that also seems to be the only criterion they know to assess beauty, completely disregarding proportion and other features. Then, when you eventually see their “small” boobs, they tend to be pretty big, too. And don’t get me started on how they are drawn… (I might post something regarding that later.)

        That’s one of the many reasons for which I like Replay so much: people are drawn in a realistic way and with some variation. (Yes, they still are all good looking, but you shouldn’t ignore all the aspects that make readers care for the characters, and I’m not complaining.)

        Therefore, NotImportant, thank you for this awesome comic!

        P.-S., typing my longest comment for a long while on a tablet… I hate “typing” on these things.

      • DragonMaster Reply

        Well some women do compare and get jealous of breast size in reality as well. My theory is because breasts are usually one of the most prominent features of a woman (you know the whole “my eyes are up here thing”), and one of the most fantasized about by a large group of adolescents (both boy’s and girl’s, but mostly boy’s), society also kinda emphasizes them as a beauty point and it signifies maturity (physical maturity at least xD).

        • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

          There is no doubt about the important role of womens’ breasts regarding attractiveness.

          What bothers me is how they are portrayed and the weird expectations this creates. (Like all models are super thin, therefore normal girls are perceived as chubby even when they are not.) I also wonder if there are really so few men+ (mostly men, but of course whoever swings that way, too) who like mid-sized and small boobs? Is it really such a vast majority, let’s say 80+%, who like big or clichée-type huge boobs? I think that many only pretend to, because of some strange social convention that big boobs are the best.

          However, I like to think that a man+ who supposedly likes big boobs, if presented a woman with such assets (on tinder or the likes), would not often say ‘yes, she’s real hot’; at least not if they are natural breasts. Since the breasts are a serve as a fat deposit, slender women tend to have smaller breasts – except for what I believe is a rare occurrence (give or take some degree of variation) – and women with big breasts would tend to be bigger as well. Which those men+ I am referring to, would most likely not find attractive. Also add some gravity to the mix…

          What they are looking for are actually slender women with sizeable implants, and that’s something I’m not a fan of (even if I that some beauty implants are kind of justifiable).

          I’m going to finish by saying, that small-breasted girls and women deserve some more appreciation, while their sometimes overweight big-breasted counterparts should not be mobbed either (and people in general), regardless of what a person finds attractive.

          P.-S., I hope I was able to clarify my thoughts (I usually only confuse people and myself).

          P.-P.-S., it’s funny how boob talk almost never fails to trigger some replies and discussions (and hopefully the civilised kind, not flame wars).

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        I like small breasts… Never understood what guys see in big ones.

        Most of times I feel like it’s not about breasts but about their bodies as a whole. About their selfesteem. It even doesn’t matter what other people thinks. Some get happy after surgery, some won’t find happines and will still feel unfit. Most women also forget pregnancy can wreak havoc with their body. They will get more fat, breasts get bigger, hormones can begin changes leading to civilization diseases (diabetes, allergies and other). And you will never explain you find her beautiful because she doesn’t feel beatiful in the first place. Kinda sad, when you think about it.

        BTW girls are jealous as hell. They do compare boobs, asses, fatness etc. as soon as the person is out of hear area. But there’s more behind that, like how the person is wealthy, what job they do, how often they get laid, who they go out with. I’m glad I’m a guy…

        • JW Reply

          Well, I used to to be in camp want-to-drown-in-big-pillowy-softness, that’s what I, then, saw in big breasts. But I migrated to camp functional-beauty once I realized gravity existed and had consequences, both in how it looks and how (very) large breasts can be rather impractical and cumbersome.
          And, honestly, it also depends on circumstances. When covered in layers of clothes and a big fluffy sweater, I like a bit bigger, for how it looks. But when covered by nothing but a swimsuit I like a bit smaller. But afaik there aren’t girl with adjustable breast size (I bet that’d be so convenient, too). And in any case a nice face is more important, because that’s what you look at most of the time.

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Better make copies of those first Ada. One accident prone person that has a hold of the originals and they’re gone for good.

  2. DragonMaster Reply

    I’ve been saying ti for a while now, but I’ll say it again, I really think Kasper and Sofia would make a cute couple. Does anyone else?

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      I’ll just repost what I just posted on the previous page:

      I like that pairing, too. At least that’s how I choose to interpret their dynamic.

      Though ultimately I should be fine for whichever end, as long as it feels natural.

    • JW Reply

      Yes, I agree. They’d make a fun couple. Well, they’re already fun together even as not-a-couple. I suppose some of that tension/interaction would change if they did become a couple, but it would probably be fun in a different way.

  3. Noyb Reply

    Or in her case, ANNOYED, because her boyfriend’s too busy fan-girling over a spellbook.

  4. Speedy Reply

    Who is the captain of the Kasper/Nina ship? I know Kasper/Sophia would be an exciting, stormy excursion, but it seems like Kasper/Nina would have fair winds and folowing seas.

    I mean, I’m not entirely certain that I wanna ship Nina and Kasper, but I certainly friend-ship them.

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