Being nuts

Hey, posting this one early since it’s a long weekend in Japan and I’ll be out in nature on Sunday/Monday. For +10$ supporters the last two pages of this chapter are already available on Patreon!

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I’m thinking of drawing some illustrations for the end of this chapter, maybe try and rebuild my buffer a little… I have a lot of travel planned for October and November and I’m not sure how realistic will be for me to keep drawing on schedule. I’d feel better with a buffer. So you might see a couple of nice illustrations after this chapter ends!

Also, would anyone be interested in drawing tutorials or videos? I’ve done those in the past, not sure if there’s any interest in that kind of thing…

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14 comments on “Being nuts”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Its always great seeing different kinds of works and illustrations from you, but maybe take the chapter change as a small break and concentrate on your travels 😉

    I can only speak for myself, but even if I cant learn from these kinds of videos, I always love watching tutorials because they show a lot of the way an artist ticks and how they work – it’s like doodles, they just show you what kind of character they are ^^

    And I really hope you readers come back and the votes get back to the old times 🙁

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Well, what kinda reaction did you expect, Ada?

    Did you want him to get angry at you?
    Make a joke about it?
    Just what did you expect?

    He cannot change the way she feels, and because he cannot change it, everything but ‘accepting it’ is very unhealthy.
    And he’s been on that road long enough to realize that.

    So she considers him as ‘just a friend’.
    Sure, that stings, especially since he wants more than that. (Or does he still?)
    But getting worked up about it, will achieve nothing…except him making a fool of himself.

    So…’going to the city is nuts’, huh?
    I’ll take a wild guess, the city is still kinda overrun with demons and they are outnumbered like 100:1?
    Yeah well, those who feel that they don’t have anything to lose tend to take more risks than those who still do.

    Sometimes they achieve greatness that way.
    Most of the time, however, they die.

    …is that the kind of man Robert has become now though?
    A man who feels that he has nothing left to lose?

    As for those tutorials…yeah well, I can hardly do basic crocheting, so the tutorials would be kinda wasted on me.
    So, quite personally, I’d prefer the illustrations.

    Do not feel pressured by me though. 🙂

    • Regis Earsquake Reply

      I mean, he seems to be more than just a friend among many. He seems to be one of the most important people in her life (probably the most important, at least who isn’t dead) and I think that is why she worries. I think Robert understands that the just a friend answer was the answer to the Question if the two of them are together. So there really isn’t any need to be woked up about it. I mean, it is true.

    • Dragon Master Reply

      Well remember their in Northern Europe somewhere. I don’t remember the exact country, but it’s not America.

  3. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    I’m amazed you can draw a page with such a quality and detail – for every week! That’s just… impressive.
    I’m not going anywhere, so if you need to ease up on your schedule, I’ll wait.

    Ad tutorials – progress video FTW. Sometimes it’s just magical to watch a timelapse. But that’s probably harder to produce (editing etc.) than a tutorial – however even article about how you make a page for us would be interesting read.

    Ad swords – funny thing is, I don’t think my local museum has swords. That would mean travelling at least 100 km (60 miles) to a museum I guess would have swords. I don’t know how far away the cottage was, but I guess it was not that far away. That’s a bold plan…

  4. Dragon Master Reply

    I’d be interested in any type of video you produced…. I might be able to learn something from them, and even if I can’t it’s always fascinating to watch a pro at work

  5. Mr. Paddy Reply

    Wouldn’t there be the possibility to use their spells on guns? A bit better than melee with 10 hulking feet of whatever demons are made of

    • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

      It’s the bullet which kills; maybe don’t use spells on guns but on bullets instead. If blade can kill demons as a single object, bullet could do the same… or just make a hole in a demon. Maybe some hollow point anti-tank ammo for a big gun, but I guess swords are easier to obtain.

    • JW Reply

      There’s probably lots of things to eat in the forest.
      ‘Course most people these days would probably starve in a forest. They will either not recognize the food right in front of them, or are too squeamish to eat it.

  6. Speedy Reply

    They need to find a telephone book. They can look up blacksmiths, veteran’s clubs, police evidence lockers, military bases, national guard armories, military surplus shops, knife shops, gun shops, sporting goods stores, military reenactment groups, archery, hunting, and fishing shops and clubs, farm supply stores, old barns, hardware stores etc.

    Heck, look in any garage. A lawnmower blade could easily be turned into a usable sword. And, a machete is just a sword that’s normally used on vegetation. Some pieces of large farm equipment are bristling with blades that could be turned into weapons. Even an old, rusty sickle could work, in a pinch. An enchanted pole chainsaw would be nice… >:D

    Then, of course, you could go the whole A-Team / Mad Max route, and cover a vehicle with steel plates and sharp weapons.

    Of course, finding an Amazon warehouse would be the ultimate apocalyptic one-stop shop. I mean, just finding the complete 15 season DVD box set of Supernatural would give them all kinds of useful information. 😉

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