1. First pentacle of the Moon
2. Second pentacle of the Moon
3. Third pentacle of the Moon
4. Fourth pentacle of the Moon
5. Fifth pentacle of the Moon
6. Sixth pentacle of Moon

Fourth pentacle of the Moon

Defends from all evil sources and injuries.

The verse should be said out loud while drawing the circle. The divine name: Eheieh Asher Eheieh (‘I Shall Become What I Am Becoming’) should be placed inside and preferably drawn by hand, without any tool.

The verse is taken from Jeremiah 17-18:- “Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I.”

Sixth pentacle of the Moon

Causes wonderful, heavy rains. Yes, just rains. For an unlimited period of time as well.

To work needs to be engraved or drawn on a silver (almost-silver works as well) plate or coin. Put under water to start the rain. It will keep raining as long as it stays there.

The verse is taken from Genesis VII. 11-12:— ‘All the fountains of the great deep were broken up and the rain was upon the earth.’

27 comments on “Moon”

  1. FeanorTheDragon Reply

    Huh… that’s actually a really cool idea, using Bible verses as words of power.
    Some people might be offended… but they should just leave reading fiction to those of us who can appreciate all of that awesomeness, eh? XD
    Seriously though, that’s an interesting thing there… and more interesting actually the more I think about it…

    • NotImportant Reply

      I think if people want to feel offended they will always dig up something that offends them, no use trying to avoid it haha. Glad you like it!

      • Marpsy Reply

        Actually funnily enough I doubt the Jews would be all that upset over this since it was kind of their idea. The Jews had a system of mysticism similar to magic for a very long time. I believe they may even still practice it. Jews unlike Christians only really disliked evil magic users and were prone to leaving healers and green witches alone due to the fact that they weren’t doing anything wrong >.> At least that’s what my grandma says and since that’s Hebrew on that pentacle I would suspect it was based off Jewish mysticism.

        • Storyteller Reply

          And not all Christians will take offense to fiction! Just enough to give the rest a bad name.

        • yuval Reply

          in the Jews torah and gmara it says a lot about messing with those kind powers (witches, future telling etc.) and that it is unallowed.
          in the gmara it says you should kill them but also that it never actually happend.
          but anyway i dont believe that a jew that would come to here to read that kind of comics would be offended, or anyway i was only thinking it is funny and nice (i am a jew from israel).

          • Caleb Hawn

            That’s interesting! Yeah, I heard that magic was introduced to them and that it is banned. I know the Torah, but what is the gmara? I haven’t heard of that before.

          • yuval

            The gmara is one of many interpretations to the tora that was written thousands of years ago.
            It has many of the tora mitzvot explanations and is still used today to decide things in everyday life.

          • James

            Witch is actually a bad translation, and was used(originally with translations of the bible as well). The term in the bible doesn’t say that you should kill “witches”, it says you should kill “evil magic users”. “Evil magic user” is just usually translated as witch…

            There are lots of stories of Rabbi’s and others leveraging the forces of creation, and none of them meet the “evil” criteria which would make it verboten. The most famous of those is the story of the Golem, in which a biblical phrase is written on a scroll and put into the golem’s mouth to animate it.

    • Caleb Hawn Reply

      At first, I thought it was a bit creepy having spells and stuff on your website, but then I noticed the Star of David and Hebrew symbols on it. That IS a pretty cool idea!

    • Samantha Reply

      I’m more offended by people mixing the Bible with the astrological/alchemic planets than the Bible verses. I think the verses alone would be kinda cool, but the blending, bot as much.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Hehe the interesting thing is that this weird mix is actually a real thing. And a biblical figure of King Solomon is responsible for it. All the pentacles in the comic are sourced from an existing grimoire (verses included).

        Those pentacles were supposed to call angelic names so they functioned like a prayer of sorts.

  2. The Mole Reply

    I’ve been reading the comics and I love them. But I didn’t know you actually put time into explaining each spell circle! Awesome, truly vary awesome.

  3. TheLolFactor Reply

    So how do all these spells fit into the story, does it have to do with the sword that they use?

    • NotImportant Reply

      How do they fit? I’d hate to spoil the fun, but from what was already shown it would seem they are more connected with Ada herself~
      Cute nickname btw.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Text that goes around it is not necessary as long as it’s somehow included (said out loud, whispered, thought). And there is no need for the double circle, one is enough.

  4. Miranda Reply

    It’s really cool how the rain spell will make it keep raining for as long as the plate/coin stays underwater… seems like you could make it rain literally forever if you put the coin in a sealed waterproof container. That would have a lot of practical applications, you could set up a water wheel and get free energy, make things inconvenient for your enemies, save yourself from dying in the desert, etc. Very neat!

    • HKMaly Reply

      Speaking about free energy, where does the water came from and how much deuterium and tritium are in it?

  5. Helmut The Acauan Reply

    Oh my good Lord!
    You are using the Lesser and the Greater key of Solomon
    Impressive! But keep in mind that that the pentacles really exist, or existed. You are playing with Power, and i mean Real Power.
    However, it’s a pretty cool idea to put in your comic all of this sacred stuff.
    By the way, your comic is awesome!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hehehehe…. ๏◡๏
      Glad you enjoy! Makes me super happy to see someone finally bring those up, I kind of lost hope already! And don’t you worry, I should be pretty safe~

  6. Thatoccultresearcher Reply

    actually, the talismans used in this comic are not fictional, and are actually powerful and serious occult tools.

    supposidly created by king solomon himself (yes that king solomon) The GREATER keys of solomon (not to be confused with the lesser keyes) are so powerful, that they just automatically work. period.

    because these talismans are so powerful they should be treated with genuine rspect.

  7. Michael Chaney Reply

    Concentrate on choice plus emotion to accomplish the same as sixth pentacle of moon.

  8. Esoteric Drifter Reply

    The Greater Key of Solomon.
    Rarely do you see any works of fiction use them for their purpose.
    I personally have a clay disc with the 6th pentacle of Mars on it that I wear.

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