I go by NotImportant in the net, you might have stumbled upon my works although they are a bit different from what you can see here…. ಠ_ಠ  I’m a programmer during the day, physicist in my mind and soul, painter during my free time. I run website with digital painting tutorials ( ), travel a little bit, struggle to learn how to play a violin and write stories which end up dusting in the drawer because I’m too lazy to do something with them.

This story was another one like this – waiting for me to just delete it from the hard-drive. But since I’ve mustered up my courage and decided to try drawing a webcomic there was an opportunity to use it. So I did. At least I can tell you on the very beginning that this story is super long, there will be blood (soon), drama (a bit later), love (let’s not talk about it right now) and many, many more. I hope you’ll like the story! If not… well at least I had fun writing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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Japan photo blog

If you are curious about my travels (well, those to Japan at least) check out my photo blog on Tumblr! Plenty of amateurish, inspirational pictures from multiple trips.

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Digital painting tutorials by NotImportant. Completely free and for everyone who wish to learn - basic drawing tutorials, advanced digital paintings, videos, steps and tips!

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