UPDATE: Replay is going to re-launch in November!

I hope you guys won’t forget Replay while I redraw the prologue haha! Yeah, the reason for this hiatus is that I really want to fix a bunch of things in the prologue and I just can’t find the time to do so with everything that’s currently going on. Once this is done and I rebuild my tiny buffer of 5 pages I’ll resume posting new content! In the meantime, I plan to keep you guys updated on several things on Patreon, Facebook and Twitter. Take your pick and I hope you’ll come by to say hello from time to time (´∀`)♡

Prologue redraw – I intend to redraw certain parts for Replay’s debut in Japan! I’ll have the first part translated into Japanese but I want it to be worth my friends’ hard work. So! Some changes are in order! I will be updating the pages as soon as they’re finished so feel free to start reading from the start haha~
Current progress: 16 / 16  (In the end this is taking way too much time. I redrew what was the worst, I’ll continue working on the rest of the prologue if I have some spare time, later on.)

Buffer redraw – I like to have some buffer for hectic times, like when I’m sick or need to travel. Usually, I have 5 pages ahead but this has shrunk significantly in the latest months… I hope to regain that peace of mind.
Current progress: 5 / 5

I’ll be also working on some art for Amazon and my secret project with 4 Leaf Studio! We are making a steady progress, I hope to share some kind of blog or at least Twitter account soon so that you guys can see what we’re working on. It’s very exciting!

I’ll be updating the counters here and posting stuff on Patreon, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for being patient with me and reading Replay. If it weren’t for you guys, I probably wouldn’t have the strength and enthusiasm to keep making this comic. A lot of exciting stuff is ahead of us so please don’t give up and check the site from time to time! Also, you can always reach me on ni.replaycomic [at] gmail.com \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

45 comments on “Hiatus”

  1. NiWo21k Corporal Reply

    How can we forget you little rascal 😉 XD
    Joking aside – Good luck with all your projects, don’t overdo it and see you in the future 🙂

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! Drawing relaxes me, I feel way worse if I don’t do it… xD

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        You are welcome 🙂
        I know, but it is always so hard to believe – i mean, just imagine you a week without something to draw *shudder* 😀

  2. Sir Bismarck Reply

    sounds good to me! I’ll let you do this on the condition you make sure to make the prologue as amazing looking as the last 30 pages!

  3. Sinner12 Reply

    damn it. Mondays suck again. im gonna go take my frustration out on the poor people in GTA5.

  4. AnimeLoverFilms Reply

    okay! ill never foorget this amazin comic :3
    ill patiently wait and hope you feel better soon

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      That’s awesome to hear. I’m actually pretty worried hahaha

  5. Alex Reply

    Have fun on your hiatus! You comic authors always work so hard it’s impressive. 🙂

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Thank you! I think it’s the first time in my life when I’m redrawing something and it really is fun to see how much I have improved over the years, ha!

  6. EnderDDT Reply

    Are the originals of the prologue still going to be available (through a seperate link or something)? It would be sad for all that work to go to waste and sometimes it is interestintg to see how things have changed as the writer got deeper into the story.

    Thanks for letting us know about the hiatus and good luck on all the redrawing and such. Hopefully it will be quick and painless. For some authors it is the writing that is the slow part, for others it is the drawing. I’m not sure where you fall in that spectrum. Either way, good luck! 🙂

  7. Doom Reply

    At the time of this comment, Replay holds the #1 spot on topwebcomics. I enjoy seeing Replay be where it belongs.

  8. Alex Reply

    “I’ll be updating the counters here and posting stuff on Patreon, Facebook and Twitter.”
    The counter says that 3 prologue pages are done, but Twitter says 5. 😉

    The new pages look really nice!

  9. Zarylo Reply

    I discovered your Comic this morning and finished reading now. あなたのコミゥがきれいですね!すきです!
    What a coincidence I’m headed on my first trip to Japan tomorrow, perhaps I should get a pair of swords too while I’m there…
    Enjoy your hiatus I’ll check back on you and your comic.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Hey, thanks for reading! 😀 Enjoy your trip and if you plan to buy swords remember not to take them with you on the plane!

  10. EnderDDT Reply

    It might be nice to have access to the originals after you have finished updating the art on the prologue. All it would take is a link somewhere down in the description to the old version and it would have the advantage of being content that the more dedicated fans can enjoy while still letting the newer potential fans see the prettier stuff first and foremost. Also, it seems a waste to just throw out the originals, even if the new stuff is a lot prettier.

  11. byobob Reply

    Such beautiful art and a captivating story. Really painful to end on this note, but I will always come back and re-read. I do hope one day soon you might add more to the story again! If not, at least keep updating us with your other works!

    Be well,
    <3 byo

  12. TXYQD Reply

    Still on hiatus? ☹️

    I had hoped Replay would’ve been back by now. It’s going to take a year at this rate (unless the counters are off)

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, it’s taking too long. I need to fly to US this week, once I’m back I’m going to work on the buffer and restart the comic. I got bored of the prologue too xD

  13. EchoedHeart Reply

    keep up the good work just try not to over do it *gives a thumbs up* no one wants ya to over work lol

  14. TXYQD Reply

    Prologue redraw – (…) (In the end this is taking way too much time. I redrew what was the worst, I’ll continue working on the rest of the prologue if I have some spare time, later on.)

    Good decision. Looking forward to seeing Replay return

  15. G Reply

    well sad to say but I don’t think this one will be back, so its finally time to move on, have to say though I enjoyed the story and the art is beautiful hopefully the author and artist has moved on to something great

    • ERA Reply

      Several days ago now the author updated the goal of the hiatus and only has two pages of buffer to make before relaunching the comic. Considering the running updates of pagecounts done and now the goal alteration, I think it’s waaaay too early to say this comic isn’t going to come back. Yeah, it’s taken ages longer than any of us wanted, but Replay seems to be working its way to coming off hiatus.

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        Yep, I’m drawing, one more page in the buffer and I think we’ll be good to go. There are some things coming up that worry me but hopefully, I’ll be able to pull through with the buffer in place. Anyway, Replay will be back soon! Sorry it took so long!

    • maarvarq Reply

      I generally give a web comic a round 6 months before I start calling Time of Death, and it hasn’t even been 5 months yet, plus, y’know, the artist giving occasional progress reports.

      Also, every time I vote on TWC and see the comment “Vote to see something cute!” I think, “and by cute, I mean tragic, given the conflict in the most recent strips”.

  16. NoriMori Reply

    Wait… The hiatus is *this* early into the comic? Shit!

    Oh well, at least I know it’s coming back, and apparently pretty soon, seeing as the author commented *literally just today* about there being only one more buffer page left. It seems I have the best timing ever! Woo!

  17. Rowy Reply

    Take your time and hope you are having a great day! I’ll be here waiting for the next page~

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