Not much to say here. I hope you are not too disappointed with the koala. In the following weeks we’ll watch Robert’s struggle against this wild animal here. It won’t take too long though. I’m afraid he’s still not much of a fighter. It kind of worries me that we are still in the prologue, this will really be a long story…

If you are still in Halloween mood you can check out new drawing I’ve added in the gallery (you should follow the comic on Facebook if you want to see the additional stuff right away! Facebook fanpage). There’s still a chance to be among very first 100 followers!


Some of my friends are complaining that I’m drawing furries and those ears and tails, blah blah… To tell you the truth I am not a huge fun of furry comics or anything related, I just thought that Ada would look cute with fox features. And I had to give everyone else animal ears and tails too in result but seriously, is it that much of a deal? Who cares, at least fox ears are easier to draw than human’s.

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25 comments on “Eventually”

  1. xthorgoldx Private Reply

    Myth Busted: Was not drop bears. Instead, frickin’ sharks lizardmen with frickin’ laser beams compound eyes stickin’ out of their heads.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Życie jest czasem obrzydliwe! Na następnych kilku już nie będzie trupów a już na pewno nie będzie swobodnie fruwających kończyn czy wnętrzności 😉

      • silver

        ja nie mogę takich rzeczy oglądać… robi mi się słabo. Dlatego wole stare anime- gdzie nie było tyle krwi… Nawed w Naruto nie jestem w stanie obejszeć każdego odcinka.

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        Stare anime…? Nie, ilość krwi zależy od tytułu, nie od tego jak było stare. Neon Genesis Evangelion do nowych nie należy, to stary klasyk, a był bardzo krwawy.

      • realsmart987

        I don’t know exactly what happened in this conversation but it seems you connected Naruto to Evangelion because they both have scenes where characters stare a lot? LOL I agree!

      • antrik

        @NotImportant well, there might be no (human) corpses and splattering innards on the next couple of pages; but it’s back to gore soon enough…. So I’ll still call that a bit of a lie 😛

        Quite frankly, at this point it kinda looked like this was what the story was all about. If it hadn’t been for all the other artwork being so incredibly stunning, I most likely wouldn’t have given it another try myself…

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        Haha sorry about that, it’s not like I have it all perfectly planned so little “lies” like this are bound to happen. And thanks for giving it another chance!

  2. Hunter Reply

    Hey just found this through TWC, looking pretty awesome! It’s so good I was curious if you had done any comics before this?

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      No! First one I made, but Rudeowl who is the author of Over Eyes is supervising my work haha. She’s got a lot more of experience and it’s probably showing. Glad you like the comic!

  3. JW Reply

    God, I hate messy eaters…

    (Also new reader via TWC! Looking forward to seeing more of this story.)

  4. meh Reply

    furries arent bad. But you coulda just went like feywinds style where only the main character is furry and everyone else is… semi normal and splice it into the plot. Genetic engineering experiement gone wrong, magic spell gone blah, girl likes to wear furry headbands ect.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Blah, I don’t like such stuff, I’d rather let them fit into the society properly and twist them later on~

  5. Ethan Reply

    Well… that escalated quickly…
    also do these people with animal ears have normal people ears too, because if they don’t that would look kinda creepy…

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Everything slightly non-human looks creepy, that’s a natural reaction. Remember Voldemort? 😀 And I see no reason for them to have two sets of ears lol. So nope.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Yes it is~ Helps to portray emotions and enhances Ada’s cuteness.
      And thanks for reading!

  6. Adriano Reply

    “Miomch miomch baffre baffre”

    Hey, did you know, NI? It’s lunch time here! I’m so hungry~

  7. antrik Reply

    I’m still not clear on why Robert was paralysed here. Is it just shock, or is there more to it that will be revealed at some point in the story?…

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